Kate Kelton Interview: Meet Haven's Mystery Woman!

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If you're a die hard Haven fan, you haven't missed the television promo floating around that's putting a fly in the ointment of Nathan and Audrey's relationship.

It turns out that "fly" is Jordan McKee, a member of The Guard, a group purported to be the protectors of Haven's troubled, bearer of the mysterious tattoos and around for generations. Jordan is played by Kate Kelton, who told me yesterday she's "petrified" to be joining a solid cast and thrusting herself into Nathan and Audrey's world.

I think the magic of Haven and its fans has been their ability to distinguish the difference between the characters on the show and their portrayers, and if this interview is any indication, she has nothing to fear...


Why are you petrified?

Oh, you know, inserting yourself into a seasons long running love affair is a little disconcerting, right? [Laughs] But, the Twitter fans have been really great so far. We'll just see how they are once they see the story unfold.

So who is Jordan McKee and what is her particular trouble?

Jordan McKee is a spirited waitress and we see her first at the Guns and Rose diner and it comes out that she has the maze tattoo, and she's in The Guard. She has a Trouble that basically she's a human taser. When she touches someone skin to skin they go down writhing and screaming in agony, so I'm suspecting that's obviously why there was an interest in exploring a love arc between her and Nathan because of course Nathan doesn't feel anything. 

So in an inverted type of scenario, it's actually become the similar situation to him and Audrey, right, because she's the only one that he CAN feel, and he's the only one that I CAN touch, so it's sort of like he's returning the favor that Audrey did to him, to me.

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How quickly will we know of Jordan's position in The Guard and is that why Jordan and Nathan get involved?

We find out pretty quickly that she's involved with The Guard. Nathan is definitely trying to find out some information about them and the key that they might hold with what happens to Audrey potentially and he's just always trying to help Audrey so, yeah, it's a bit of a double edged sword, this quasi romance.

Since Jordan can touch Nathan, and Nathan will understand how that feels from his experience with Audrey, and since Audrey is pushing him away a little bit, might there be some natural inclination pulling him toward Jordan as well as the need to gain information?

More later, than what's initially apparent, lets call it. Exactly. There does develop a bit of understanding between these two and I think that's what's behind it, is that ultimately he is Troubled, and Audrey isn't, technically. I mean, she does have some stuff going on, but I don't know if they call it a Trouble, so that is one bond that our characters do have in common that they don't.

Is there a history between Dwight and Jordan that makes him come out against her and what she says about The Guard?

There is. She and Dwight had a relationship when he first came to Haven, when he was first seduced by The Guard to come there. I think his involvement in The Guard had a lot do do with his relationship with Jordan.

That kind of all fell apart for him obviously when his daughter died, because that happened, inadvertently, at the hands of The Guard. She obviously wouldn't have died if he hadn't moved to Haven so that'd definitely a sticking point between the two.

Will Audrey find out about the relationship between Nathan and Jordan?

She will.

Might Audrey's desire to put the Troubled before her own needs give the characters screen time?

It will. They will work together for a common cause at one point because Audrey overlooks everything in her desire to help the Troubled.

What do you think Jordan's overall impact will be on the town of Haven?

There are a lof of questions answered through her because she is this glimpse into The Guard that we haven't been able to have in an intimate fashion before. She blows things up, metaphorically, not physically! This season there are a lot of dynamics already going but she finds herself right in the middle of them.

Were you a fan of Haven before you took the part or were you just thrust into the role?

I was sort of thrust into it, but the production company gave me the season one and two DVDs before they were released and I watched them both in one weekend! I watched season one on Saturday and season two on Sunday and I could not stop! Like I physically had issues that weekend because I couldn't stop watching it!

I was seriously worried about myself because it was that addictive. I became an instant fan. It resonated with me clearly outside of the mythology and the introduction of a new Trouble each week, it's just a really cleverly put together series that reminded me of "Lost" in its addictability where you could watch just one after another and another and another!

** As always, immediately come back to TV Fanatic tomorrow night for an in-depth review of the latest episode so we can all dish about Jordan's entrance on to the show!

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