Last Resort Review: Who Shall Hang?

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Last Resort is one of the best new shows on TV and more people need to realize it.

My one concern in my previous review was the show's ability to make the mainland storyline as compelling as what was happening on the island and on-board the sub. Well, crisis averted. "Skeleton Crew" pulled it all together and I found myself cheering for the ladies back home as much as the crew.

Sam & Marcus Prepare for Negotiations

For the last few weeks I've been wondering about Christine. She's been under tremendous stress. The government interrogated her, cut off her finances and sent an old friend to mess with her head. I was never sure if she was truly the vulnerable, little blonde about to get played or a smart woman who knew how to play along.

Thankfully, I got the Christine I was hoping for. Her speech to Kylie where she referred to herself as the other woman in her own marriage was a telling moment. More than loving her husband, she knows Sam. She knows he loves his country above all and he'd never betray it for anyone, not even her.

Kylie's lucky she didn't get shot when she broke in to Christine's. Given everything going on I wouldn't have blamed her for shooting first and asking questions later. I'd hate to lose Kylie and her wonderful snarkiness. Even though I loved it when she said in earshot of a restaurant full of people, That makes two times you screwed me and I'm still not sure which was the more disappointing. I think her weaselly boyfriend deserved a whole lot worse.

I'm excited to see Christine and Kylie join forces. There's no telling what these two determined, pissed off woman can uncover once they're working together.

But that was only a small part of the story. When I spoke with Daisy Betts last week she said this was one of her favorite and most challenging episodes and I could see why. Lt. Grace Shepherd stepped up and took the lead as she captained the sub, torpedoed the USS Illinois, threatened to nuke D.C. and nearly drowned a Navy SEAL. All of which garnered her some hard earned respect from the COB.

Once again, the banter between Prosser and Shepherd was my favorite part of the show. Even when they'd like to kill one another, these two make an entertaining team and their back and forth just gets better every week. As when Grace can't figure out why the other subs haven't fired upon them yet in this Last Resort quote...

Prosser: Maybe they just don't want to hit a girl.
Shepherd: How did you ever stay married?
Prosser: Stayed deployed. | permalink

And a special mention to Joe's conversation with Sophie about French cowboys (or the lack there of) and the origins of Robert Duvall. It's hard not to love Robert Patrick in this role. He shines brighter every week.

Poor James was almost left at the bottom of the ocean and there were a few minutes I was worried he might end up a real casualty in this conflict. I'd really would love to know what his Morse code message said. And it's about time the man kissed Tani! Somebody on this island needs a little action and I'd say James has earned it.

Of course, the heart of the story was back on the island as Secretary of Defense Curry, White House Advisor Amanda Straw and Admiral Shepherd arrived to negotiate. 

One moment Marcus was telling Sam to control his emotions or Curry would certainly do it for him ...and five minutes later Chaplin had the Secretary of Defense by the throat as he told him…

 I am not a politician. If you say my son's name again, I will crush the jelly from your eyes. | permalink

If that was Marcus controlling his emotions, I'd hate to be around when he really lets loose.

The dynamic between Sam and Marcus became more interesting as Sam continued to wonder what was his Captain's true goal. And just when Marcus had played his role to get Sam and Grace the best deal possible, the unthinkable occurred.

When the Admiral grabbed the gun and shot Straw and Curry, I literally yelled at the screen. I never saw that one coming and yet it made sense. A parent would do anything to save his child, even commit murder if necessary and the Admiral's actions did indeed save his daughter's life. What happens to him now is anyone's guess. 

The only thing that disappointed me was finding out that there will be no new episode next week. 

If you're watching this show, tell a friend. Tell several, because if you're not watching Last Resort, you should be.

Skeleton Crew Review

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