Nikita Round Table: "Innocence"

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On "Innocence," Nikita met her match ... in a little girl, as the team had to balance its quest to bring in Wade with the hope of saving his recruit a mini-Nikita.

Below, Nikita Round Table panelists Carla Day, Carissa Pavlica and Tiffany Vogt (from TV Addict) take a deeper look at the New Division, the ties to the past and ponder what Amanda's plans could be. 


What was your favorite moment?
Tiffany: I confess I teared up watching Alex return Liza to her family. Very touching and it served to remind us, as well as Alex and Nikita, why they do what they do. They are saving lives and returning those who were abducted out of their lives back home.

Carissa: When Liza said, "but really, I would make a great agent someday, right?" in the car. There's no way in the world she's going back to being a regular little girl again and Nikita and Alex both know it. 

Carla: Liza returning to her family was definitely an incredible and emotional moment, since you both mentioned that, I'll go with the automatic machine gun on Michael. The way he jumped out of the way cracked me up. And, even more awesome was when Birkhoff was able to get control and use it against Wade.

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Which reference to the old Division had the most emotional pull?
Tiffany: It's sad to say, but I kind of miss Percy.  He was such a great villain. His absence leaves a long shadow that will be hard to overcome.

Carissa: Definitely the references to Nikita saving Alex. The two of them talked about it more than once because of the theme with Liza and when you think back to the two of them at odds and how far they have come, it tugs at the heart strings. 

Carla: Like Carissa said the connection between Nikita and Alex. It was also touching how Nikita saw herself in Liza as well.

Was Ryan right to list both Wade and Liza as targets? Is he already losing his moral center?
Tiffany: No, Ryan is definitely losing sight of what their goal is at new Division if he is forgetting that some of the people they go in search of may need rescuing too. Though I applaud his desire to protect his team, it still should not be at the cost of other innocent lives.

Carissa: It's testament to why he shouldn't be running Division from the top down. He still doesn't understand exactly what Division is. The full scope of the people who make Division everything that it is are the exact people he is hunting this year, and that's confusing to him. The conundrum is unlikely to be the last time he'll put a target on a misplaced head, given their overall objective.

Carla: Three for three. Ryan just doesn't get it. There was no reason to put a target on Liza's head. The operatives know that if they have to shoot her to protect themselves and others, they will do it. That's no reason to target her without reason.

If Liza was to show up again, how would you want that to happen?
Tiffany: No, that door should remain closed.  It would undermine the gift to Liza, as well as to Alex and Nikita in saving Liza and returning her home.

Carissa: As a happy little girl, but somehow running the "little spy club" or something in her school. Who didn't play those games? She'd just take it to the next level!

Carla: If the show were to go on for 10-15 more years, I'd love to see her as a CIA or FBI agent. She'd be good at it and would probably enjoy it. But, in the meantime, I hope she enjoys her childhood.

With Amanda out there somewhere and recruiting rogue former agents, what's her end game this time?
Tiffany: Amanda is definitely out there and bidding her time.  It will be awesome when she returns to lay claim to what she feels is her rightful place at the head of Division.  Tick, tick, tick....

Carissa:If I were Amanda, I'd be out there recruiting with the intent to take it all back and make it mine again. And evil, very evil! It must be killing her to see it working as an actual government entity and as a good guy.

Carla: She wants to take out Nikita. I'm not sure if she'd want Division back, but I could see her trying to re-create a new Division-like entity under her leadership.

Carla Day is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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