Revenge Clips: What is Victoria's Story?

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ABC has released four clips from tomorrow night's Revenge, two of which involve the white-haired man (WHM) at various points. First, we see Victoria and Daniel meet in a familiar spot at Grayson Manor.

As mother and son ponder their own insomnia (and Emily Thorne's), Victoria claims that the press won't back off until she reveals her story. We then see a big piece of her story revealed via flashback:

That's a pretty big piece of the puzzle, with more sure to come. Now that he's dead, of course, Victoria will try to spin this slightly differently as she reenters Hamptons society and plots her next move.

Flash forward to the present and WHM has just been offed by Aiden, as seen in last week's "Resurrection." Emily's mysterious savior tells he she is compromising the mission by pursuing her mother.

Takeda and Aiden want to ensure she stays focused, but Ems has other ideas:

The two additional clips below show Victoria and family bracing for the media storm to come. She's planning on putting the rumors to rest once and for all, and calls on the family to put on a united front.

That doesn't include Emily, however. Daniel clearly misses her and has feelings for his next-door neighbor, but Victoria makes it clear she wants her gone. We wouldn't hold our breath if we were her ...

"Confidence" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. EST. Share your comments, views and predictions below!

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

WHM: After the ding of the seat belt sign, the next thing you hear will be 14 ounces of plastic explosives detonating. My proposition: Conrad's demise is mutually beneficial. All it requires is splitting Charlotte's inheritance. Decline and your daughter will be joining you in the Grayson family plot.
Victoria: I'm listening.

Victoria: News hounds won't stop until they get my story.
Daniel: What exactly is your story?