Revenge Sneak Peek: The Hook

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Will Emily hook an unsuspecting Victoria into her net using Amanda and her father's journal as bait? She certainly hopes so, as this clip from Sunday's Revenge episode, "Intuition," makes clear.

It's a very dangerous game she's playing, and may well end in heartbreak - see the photo gallery from the installment we posted last week - but Emily sees Victoria as the only link to her mother.

With Amanda welcomed into the Grayson family fold, the real Amanda is making a big move. But will she get the results she's looking for, or will the plan backfire, as things with Victoria tend to?

As we saw on last Sunday's episode, the devil is a tough nut to crack.

Watch the sneak preview below and share your comments on it:

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes


Victoria [to Amanda]
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Is that worry I detect in your voice?

Conrad [to Victoria]