Switched at Birth Review: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Like typical teenagers, Bay and Daphne keep finding themselves in sticky situations. However, in "We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships," it was evident that the adults were put in some weird spots too. 

This week, I really felt bad for Regina.

Alex Comes To Dinner

It's totally understandable that Patrick is gonna be weirded out that his girlfriend just married her ex in order for him to stay in the country. Let's just get that out of the way. But Regina didn't bring up Angelo when they were salsa dancing. All she said was that she took lessons. He insinuated that it was with Angelo and then deduced that "great dancers = great sex." Oh puh-lease! Regina is really trying. Unfortunately there are just some things that people can't get over.

Speaking of salsa, what was with that couple the Kennishes had over? They are totally the people with the brag book at holiday parties. That dancing and those high kicks? Damn I hope she was wearing some real underwear and not flashing everyone! 

I think the Kennishes are great parents. They try really hard to bond with their kids and give them the best of everything. They even try to help other kids such as Travis, but we'll get to him in a minute. There's so much pressure nowadays with extracurricular activities and colleges. I could relate to that pain in the ass, even if it was a decade ago. I can't imagine John and Kathryn are going to be happy next week when the situation with the money comes out.

What was Bay thinking!! Guys I'm so sick of this Zarra storyline. Can we have Emmett back? Friends and money DON'T mix. Neither do friends and illegal activities, but hey it happens. Obviously Bay is never getting her moola back and it's gonna put Travis in a bad place for letting her into the safe. Travis is obviously already having a lot of problems if he's sleeping at the car wash. I really have a soft spot for him and don't want to see him take the rap for this.

Daphne and Chef Jeff totally got outed tonight by Scuba. Jealousy does not bode well. They kissed twice, though, I don't know that we can get into titles. Either way, the cat is out of the bag. 

I have to say that my favorite part of this episode was the lesson Toby learned from Nikki about letting anger go. When he showed up to Emmett's, I thought that was really big of him. Truthfully, I can't say I'd do the same. Maybe in Toby's case, but not in Nikki's. I was surprised the show went there with that murder story. I feel like it came out of left field.

What did you all think of this week's episode? How are Daphne and Bay going to get out of their dramas?

We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships Review

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Switched at Birth Season 1 Episode 28 Quotes

She won't miss cake if you give her ice cream.


Kathryn: And she has these tattoos that are basically saying my private parts are flying!
Regina: Flying?
Kathryn: She has wings...down there.