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Who would have guessed that college wasn't a fond memory for Chris?

On "Jerry Duty," we met Chris's college roommate who, along with an incessant appetite for terming things awesome, also reminded Chris of a not-so-memorable period of his life. 

Reagan, meanwhile, had her eyes opened to the possibility she wasn't the best big sister she could have been when she and Scott were younger. While I thought his baby blanket trick was more suited for pet anxiety, Scott shined in his most featured episode yet. We were also treated to the first real sibling squabble between him and Reagan, which ended only when Chris had to take away their swords. Apparently girls love weaponry too. 

Chris Reconnects

Chris has pointed out some of Reagan's personality flaws, but the ones brought up by her were not so easily dismissed. She was genuinely worried that she had been the cause of a lot of the pain Scott had endured in his life, even if her rationale was rather narcissistic. Scott did well to hold his own ground and remind his big sister that he has done just fine in a life that includes being a parent longer than she has been. 

In the other storyline of the night, Jerry was not as loathsome as I had anticipated. His biggest crime was being overly psyched about everything. We should all be so optimistic. Ava had one of her more toned down episodes to date, but still had some great lines, like her comment about adoring wine, which made it's way onto the best Up all Night quotes list this week. 

I noted last season how I loved it when Ava would call Chris "Christopher," as if he was some model of manhood. Sadly for Chris, but worthy of a few laughs, was the scene where Reagan got a chance to uncover a few flaws herself, namely Chris's toenails and nose. 

Perhaps the best scene of the episode, though, was the opening one, where Reagan and Chris spewed frustration about sleeping with Amy in their bed. Yet another all too true pitfall of parenting nailed by the writers of Up All Night

So which ring tone would you have chosen? The air horn, the European ambulance or the horn from the General Lee? 

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We haven't slept in three nights. We're living like kidnapped journalists.


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