Up All Night Review: Saturday Night Jive

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Forget about thy neighbor's wife, this week on Up All Night we learned thou shall not cover thy neighbor's babysitter.

"Another Saturday Night" turned into fright night when Terry showed up outside the Brinkley household. She was a little bit of Annie Wilkes, Max Cady and Hedy Carlson all rolled into one in that scene, as she stood in the darkness outside the patio door. 

Saturday nights are the life blood of any young couple. Sadly, though, when it comes to finding someone you trust with your child, good help is hard to find. So it was no surprise to see Reagan and Chris act as slippery as Bob Sugar did when he stole Cush from Jerry Maguire on the night before the draft. 

Reagan and Chris' Date Night

Loved their choice of drinks and their request to have them served in those Buddha raising the roof mugs, but Ava was the clear winner with her Pinot Grige with ice. I did think it a bit odd to see Chris and Reagan get so loopy so fast, but I quickly lowered my brow when Reagan delivered her gem of a line about the alcohol being "strongler." The subtle slip heads up the list of best Up All Night quotes of the week.  

Decent episode from Reagan's bearded bro Scott. I liked his confession about Facebook stalking his ex-wife, but I was looking for a little something more out of he and Chris's Cranberries duet. 

Special shout out to Melody (Dioni Michelle Collins) from the Fresh Beat Band making a little cameo as Hillary the babysitter caught in the middle of Reagan and Chris's unneighborly deception. For those of you who I completely lost in that last sentence: Congratulations on still being single, keep practicing safe sex and stay away from Nick Jr. 

Jerry was back and at Ava's side. While he annoyed Chris to no end again, I found myself enjoying his tales of awesome. I think everyone either knows someone like him or has been guilty of such behavior themselves a some point. 

His defense of Ava's Buddy Guy dig was solid, but she was the clear winner as she told him to get two white wines and whatever it was he wanted. 

Things sort of fizzled at the end just after the Silversun Pickups took the stage. All in all though a pretty tasty episode, defrosted breast milk aside. What did you all think? 

Another Saturday Night Review

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Up All Night Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh my god, has alcohol gotten strongler or what? Did I just say 'strongler?'


Chris: What kind of soup is this?
Reagan: Cream of breast milk.