Vegas Review: The Neon Wave

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Vegas in 1960 has a different vibe. The city is going for glitz, yet there's still plenty of grit folks there can't hide. But one thing in Las Vegas that has never change? "Money Plays."

Law enforcement in the '60s was a bit different too. When a witness leaves the state, there's almost no way to track them down. No GPS on their car. No cell phone. No credit card records. If they didn't tell anyone where they were headed, there's very little way to track them. It's something Savino uses in his favor.

Ralph & Jack Investigate

On the upside, at least the mobster didn't kill her. Instead he sendt the maid and her kids off on a paid vacation to Florida. She's either smart enough, or dumb enough, not to ask questions. She just smiled with a wad of cash in her hand as she headed to the Sunshine state.

Of course there's also no WITSEC in 1960, so when Parron agrees to turn over evidence to the Feds, they don't do the best job of protecting him. First, they leave him in the local jail long enough for Cota to have a real shot at taking him out. The moment Cota asked for his glasses back I knew what we'd find there. 

I suppose the people doing prisoner searches have learned a thing or two over the last 50 years... or at least I hope they have.

On the flip side, law enforcement had a lot more leeway when it came to getting physical. Ralph took a suspect out with a broom handle and put another one through a plate glass window. Where today there would be reports and inquiries, in 1960 I don't think anyone even took notice.

Speaking of Ralph, he's proving to be a man of few words. There's very little conversation when he gives Savino back his chips. Honestly, I would have hoped Savino paid off the local law enforcement better than that. I didn't look like very much, but then again I'm viewing it by 2012 standards. 

When Dixon wants to go in to help capture the home invasion crew, he had to try and convince his father he could handle it in this Vegas quote

Dixon: I'm as good a shot as you.
Ralph: These men are killers not tin cans on a fence. | permalink

Thankfully, Dixon backed up his skill by taking out the man about to kill Ralph. Yet Ralph doesn't even offer a thank you or a compliment. A hand on Dixon's shoulder is the only recognition he'll get.

Over at the casino, there's some new faces moving in. Mia is gorgeous and smart but no matter who her Daddy is, she may need to learn some boundaries.  Going over the bosses head is never a good way to gain trust.  But she's feisty and it looks like she's more than capable of keeping Vince on his toes.

Vegas is full of contradictions. The mobster versus the lawman. The lawman looking to draw a line in the sand while also deciding when to step over it. Did Ralph really have the authority to use Wes' money to save Gloria's ranch? No, but that didn't stop him from doing it.

And then there's the old Vegas trying to stave off the new and improved version. As Gloria said, it's like a thousand foot neon wave that just keeps coming.  You either need to go along with the tide, or get out of its way.

Money Plays Review

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