Boardwalk Empire Review: Some Kind of Ruckus

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Nucky barely had enough time to clear Owen's body from his foyer before the fight came to his doorstep this week.

With only one episode remaining in Boardwalk Empire Season 3, "Two Imposters" spent a lot of time setting the stage for the finale.

For a man who is accustomed to eating his meals with silver, Nucky certainly was no slouch with the steel when it was time for some action. He also showed his character when he made getting Eddie to a hospital his top priority. Was it odd he had no idea about his loyal servant's family? Sure, but his affection for the man who has stayed by his side was very admirable considering the threat on his own life.

The scene where Nucky yelled at the hospital chief was just great and was my first addition to this week's list of best Boardwalk Empire quotes.

Reading with Gyp

After being absent for much of the season, Chalky White's recent return to the front lines has been excellent. He has defied the odds his entire life and has looked good doing it. Gyp Rosetti was told Chalky was the man to speak to on the far side of town. Despite Chalky's sharp dress, Gyp seemed to look at him like he was the human equivalent of the dilapidated house from where he emerged. Chalky showed he is no stranger to backhanded comments, however, as he fired back that Gyp wasn't done cooking yet when the Italian mocked him.

Chalky could have also told Nucky to get stuffed numerous times, but having met the alternative, I think his decision to back Nucky was easily made. Just days prior, Nucky had turned him down cold when the club idea came up, but Chalky knows how things are and just how much pride he has to swallow to get what he wants. Nucky is still alive thanks to him, and the price tag will be hefty. I loved their little exchange at the lumber yard where Nucky mused about the two being stuck with each other followed by the close up on their handshake.

While Nucky and Chalky discussed a last stand, Richard was preparing to wage a war of his own. He endured insult after insult from his batty boss, but when Gillian moved to keep him and Tommy apart, a switch was flipped. Jimmy deserved better than what he got at the hands of his mother and Richard will be damned if he is going to let Tommy suffer the same life. Harrow fans have been waiting a long time to see Richard unleash the fury. I think after next week, that wait will be over. 

Meanwhile, back in New York, Lucky and Meyer have been having about as much success in the dope game as Margaret had with her maternity classes. Lucky usually defers to Meyer on matters of the mind, but Lucky's gut was riddled with worry about the money they owed and forced him into a bad decision. How did he not see all those lawmen hiding on the roof? Were they members of the Foot Clan? If Masseria is the source of Lucky's problems, it would make sense that he and Meyer align with Nucky if the opportunity or need to pick a side arrives. 

We know where Chicago is hanging its hats thanks to a surprise visit from Al Capone, in what was one of my favorite scenes of the season. Capone and Nucky are from different generations and might not see eye to eye on a lot of things, but they both know opportunity when they see it and for that Capone is ready to spill some Italian red. 

With just one episode remaining, this mostly was a set up episode, but that in itself was not what kept me from giving a higher rating. Gillian was more painful than ever. I was even shocked to find myself growing tired of Gyp's routine: "I'm pitching my tent hi-ho!"

Also, while it was cool thinking under fire for Chalky to summon Samuel, I was a little surprised at the kid's gall. When a man like Chalky White tells you to jump, you ask how high. 

Two Imposters Review

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