Chicago Fire Review: Arrests and Avoidance

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If "Rear View Mirror" proves one thing, it's that Chicago Fire keeps getting hotter and hotter.

So thank goodness NBC decided to pick up the show for a full season following its season highs last week.

Dawson Treats Casey

Carrying on, it seems Detective Voight finally got the social justice he deserves, but this certainly doesn’t feel like the end of him. Voight’s methods kept escalating so he could bring out some kind of rise out of Casey - anything with the potential to dismiss the testimony - and Voight’s plans might be successful.

Casey finally snapped with the planted cocaine in his house, and he subsequently assaulted Voight. I’m no lawyer, and I only watch The Good Wife, but that can’t be good. Voight is not only a corrupt cop, but also a man with no morals. As we’ve seen since his introduction, he has no qualms about making threats and shady deals, while he has ascended to a position that makes him nearly untouchable.

So, while I would love to believe Brother Dawson and see that he’s never coming back, Voight is just a far too enjoyable, slimy and corrupt officer to be a one and done character.

For someone who has a body part that’s about one pulled muscle away from losing everything, Kelly certainly puts his shoulder in plenty of precarious situations every week. Just how much longer can his charade or shoulder last? Either he’s going to get caught with the pills, or his body is going to finally give out. His entire plans are going to unravel no matter what outcome happens, and delaying that is only going to do more damage.

And those actions are what are can make Kelly so infuriating sometimes. It’s the greatest weakness of his character. Kelly is willing to take those chances because he’s a kind and gentle soul who wants to continue rescuing those around him. He wants to rescue Casey from his anger over Voight, and he wants to rescue his buddies and civilians from unruly fires. His noble goals are lined with deceit.

Finally, we have Dawson. I absolutely adore her flagrant disregard for protocol when she knows she has the skills necessary to save a life, and Mouch’s dual pronged approach to keeping her aboard was absolutely brilliant. How can the disciplinary be so strict when the little girl she saved is standing right in front of them?

If I had one complaint about Chicago Fire, it’s that not enough people are watching it. Aside from that, everything about the show is enjoyable.

Rear View Mirror Review

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Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Casey: Are you drunk, Chief?
Boden: Yeah...a little.
Casey: I'll be joining you momentarily!
Boden: Good! Glad to hear it.

Enjoy it while you can, this is entrapment.