Happy Endings Review: Bar Mitzvah Hype Guys

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Have you ever thought "that would be the most perfect job for me... if only it existed?" Well, this week's Happy Endings brought us the most ideal job Brad and Max could ever ask for.

Yes, in "Boys II Menorah" they were Bar Mitzvah Hype Guys. Dancing, emceeing and generating excitement at a teen party - could you think of anything more perfect for these two?

The Bar Mitzvah Hype

Dare I say Boyz 2 Menorah was the second coming of "The Lonely Island?" Especially with that promotional video at the end? I hope that it means "Boyz II Menorah" wasn't finished after all.

Penny was about to pull a Sixteen Candles move in that coatroom in order to do damage control. You know when Anthony Michael Hall shows the other freshman Molly Ringwald's underwear in order to save his reputation? It makes perfect sense that there would be a John Hughes reference on Happy Endings. After all, they did have that whole John Hughes Marathon/Scavenger Hunt thing last season.

So why do you think Penny was attracting all those pubescent boys? Also, am I the only one that didn't know Max took Penny's virginity? I knew they were best friends and that he came out when they were in college together, but I had no idea that they ever actually sealed the deal.

With all of Penny's romantic misfires, it's a good thing somebody on this show gets laid. Jane and Brad are probably the horniest couple I've ever seen.

Look at that man move. This is some good material for the buzz bank. | permalink

Add to that they're creativity and spontaneity and it results in long lasting romance. Unfortunately, Jane likes to take her attention to detail a little too seriously, which doesn't bode well for people who are of the ditzier variety.

Let's not even talk about the fact that Alex once ate a candle. How could she possibly think "love airlines" was real? Also, would that really get her taken down and cuffed by security? I love how Dave tried to persuade the guard that it was a movie moment with his whole "c'mon it's for love!" song and dance. I also love that it took two tasers to take down Jane because, let's face it, that is totally believable.

What did you all think of this week's episode? Would you hire Boyz 2 Menorah? I know I would, even if Max does cramp up during the Horah. Those two were on fire! 

Boys II Menorah Review

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Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Max leads a league in having jobs you didn't know were jobs.


Jane: So Max is a Bar Mitzvah MC now...
Penny: I think they prefer to be called Bart Mitzvah hype guys.