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Yippee!!! I get to say time space continuum.

Of course, I normally say space time continuum, but Nathan chose the phrasing, and I'll follow his lead. After hearing a lot about "Sarah," she was finally introduced to us when a Troubled man spotted Duke and Nathan, who he recognized from the past... in 1955. We had a genuine time loop that seemed to keep Sarah in Haven to help the Troubled.

Her first case? Returning Duke and Nathan to 2012. 

Present or Past

Holy moly what a fantastic premise. I knew the episode was going to feature Duke and Nathan going back in time, but the changes it made to the future and both of them running into their relatives in the past were amazingly well done. Emily Rose completely changed to be Sarah. From the inflection of her voice to the mannerisms, the transformation was incredible. 

It was an emotional roller coaster, watching Duke get to know the grandfather he had never met while trying to save his life. Nathan also ran into Chief Wuornos as a little boy playing policeman, while Audrey was visited by him as his old self, alive and kicking, in a Haven that had been radically altered due to the rift in time. It's not very often I get teary eyed watching Haven, but I found myself wiping my eyes more than once during "Sarah."

If anything, there are more questions after this episode than there were going into it. We all had our hopes that maybe Nathan and Sarah would find they way into each other's arms (and other parts) to create The Colorado Kid, and unless they cut some scenes and held out on us, I don't think Nathan and Sarah got past first base. I dare say Nathan's chemistry with Sarah was deeper than what he has with Audrey. Before you get bent out of shape, check out my reasoning.

Nathan was looking at Audrey, but a fresh, non-jaded version of herself. She was just as smart and witty, but hadn't yet had the Haven world tossed up all around her. Her eyes sparkled mischievously as Nathan blatantly stared at her, astounded at the resemblance, and yet knowing fully well they were two different people. It was obvious Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose were enjoying the hell out of those scenes. And let's face it, Emily looked smashing in that red wig and Lucas dashing in his fedora. 

As the world was changing back in 2012, I was so happy that the one thing that stayed the same was the trust Haven had in Audrey. If she said the Haven they were standing in wasn't the real Haven, then they believed her. As ludicrous as things became, people lined up beside her willing to help. Even Jordan was working to get her out of town, as Audrey had a price on her head for killing The Rev. In the altered 2012, The Guard didn't smuggle people into Haven, they smuggled them out. 

If Haven stays on the air long enough, another time travel episode exploring what could be might be fun to investigate. As long as they don't then take that one episode and plan the entire next season around it. Yes, I'm looking at you Fringe. Some things are best explored by the episode thank you very much.

We're no closer to knowing who the father of The Colorado Kid is, but now I'm wondering if it might be one of the Teague brothers. They've been so tight-lipped about everything, why not that? It could very well be a stranger, but the odds of that happening on Haven seem slim. They manage to so neatly tie things together and bring them full circle it would be strange if they were to pluck someone out of the blue as the father.

As an example of tying things together, wasn't it great that Roy took the "pirate money" Duke gave him and put it into his son's birthday card, which is how it eventually got passed down to Duke? Duke gave his grandfather the very doubloon that his own father gave to him. How cool is that, and for how many more cycles will it continue? Oh how I love the idea of time travel.

Agent Howard has been in on the Troubles since the beginning. Well, at least Audrey's part in them. If not playing the part of an FBI agent, he'll take the role of an Army officer. I wonder, how on earth did Sarah manage to get pregnant and have a child under his watch? Maybe she disappeared because she had a child, and Lucy after her because she began a relationship with him, as well. 

Season three is wrapping up nicely. We have only (sob) four episodes left and we've been promised the finale will be amazing. What new theories do you have after watching "Sarah?"

Sarah Review

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