New Girl Review: Hashtag VaGenius

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I'll be honest: I haven't been loving New Girl Season 2 as much as I loved New Girl season 1. Until tonight's "Eggs," I mostly watched the show for Schmidt, simply tolerating Jess and the rest of the gang.

But I can easily admit I was thrilled with this episode. it could be because it spoke to me personally since I am a 27-year old single female.

Or, what I really think happened, is that everyone had a storyline I was invested in. Nick is likable when he is trying to do something productive with his life, even if it is writing a zombie novel, where the black guy dies first because it's a staple of the drama. Yes, New Girl. It's these smart lines that keep me coming back. And the fact that Nick can't spell "rhythm." And a Downton Abbey reference! Could I be any more smitten with the lines tonight?

Minimal Winston, unless he has an individual story that is absolutely worth screen time? Check. And while I'm on Winston, how about bringing back Shelby, who gave him some interesting screen time? Do something with Winston that makes me like him, please! One of the only times he really made me laugh was in Season 1 when he was singing Wicked while unknowingly driving Schmidt and Cece to the Mexican border.

CeCe & Jess Worry

Perhaps I liked this one because Jess and Cece were paired off and it was less about Nick and Jess transparently careening toward one another. I've never been a big Nick and Jess supporter, mostly because I still have trouble understanding Nick and where he's coming from. Plus, their screaming fights - that are supposed to speak to their passion for one another - just seem like easily avoidable and annoyingly loud arguments over nothing. 

But tonight was about our biological clocks ticking. And while I resent that women sometimes feel forced into worrying about their fertility, it is real to me. This is a time where women are getting married later and later, which is great. It's socially acceptable to get hitched at a later age, date well into your 20's and maybe into your 30's.

So concern about having kids at a time when we're fertile? Valid. Especially when your friend gynecologist comes over and tells you that at age 30, your egg count drops 90 percent. Which by the way, better be true. It's not cool to throw statistics like that into the universe. Especially on FOX.

But the real heroes of tonight's episode? Definitely Cece and Schmidt. It takes another woman to educate Schmidt about enjoying sex more with someone you love. Ding, ding, ding! It finally dawns on him that he was, in fact, in love with Cece. And by the way, Schmidt's metaphorical diatribe on sex was perfection. A few things he mentioned along the way: sharing circle, spiking the volleyball, going under a bridge, meeting a troll and dancing til he can't dance anymore.  

It seems the stars are aligning since it doesn't look like things are going to last much longer for Cece and her boyfriend Rob. When she asks him about having kids, he says he wants them maybe in 10 years are so. Poor Cece! She's basically living out one of my nightmares.

What happens when you're on a clock to have children, but you're either A) single, B) with someone who doesn't want kids, or C) with someone great, but does not want kids immediately. These options could go on for awhile.

I'll be curious to see what Cece decides to do because it does appear that she wants children. We just need to find out what Schmidt wants. Maybe we should ask a VaGenius. 

Well done this week, New Girl

Eggs Review

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