Once Upon a Time Q&A: Meghan Ory on the "Wild Ride" of Being Red

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All season, fans of Once Upon a Time have been wondering just how much of Red's wolf side made it over the the now curse free Storybrooke. Well, this Sunday it looks like we'll find out when the fur flies in "Child of the Moon."

I recently chatted with Meghan Ory, who dished about the challenges of portraying her character's wolf-like tendencies, which fairy tale character she can't wait to meet and what's been bugging her since the show's pilot episode.


You were upgraded to a series regular this season. Congratulations!
Yes. I am very excited about that too.

We've definitely seen a stronger side of Ruby since the curse has broken. What do you think of the way the character is being developed.
Indeed. I'm loving it. I think that now that the curse has been broken and that our fairy tale characters have memories of who they are in Storybrooke, it's been so interesting to see how they're dealing with things from a different perspective, sort of.  That's where I think a lot of Ruby's new found strength comes from is her being Red.

Red Riding Hood's In Trouble

What are the challenges of playing a woman who is also a wolf?
It's very hairy. It's pretty fun. I mean I personally really love wolves and I did before playing this character. So it's really fun to sort of look at the character ticks and find things to put in there that are sort of Red and wolfish at the same time, as well as having me sniff things.

With the curse being broken you get to interact with more characters in Storybrooke. Who do you enjoy sharing scenes with the most?
I really have to say I love working with everybody. Our entire cast is so talented and interesting and they bring so much to all of their roles that every time you work with somebody new it brings something else to you. It's always fun and interesting.

Is there a character you would like to share more scenes with in the future?
I'm really dying to find out what the look that Rumple and Red shared in the pilot. I want to know what the deal is with that. So I think that having some more Ruby/Gold scenes or Red/Rumple would be very interesting.

Are there any love interests on the horizon for Ruby?
That's the question of the hour. Ruby/Red has been through so much with love, obviously. I think the question is, can she let herself love again and does she trust herself to be around somebody that she loves and does she trust herself not to eat somebody again? It's a pretty big obstacle to overcome, you know.

Once Upon a Time has given us so many of our favorite fairy tale characters already but is there one you'd like to see on the show that hasn't arrived yet?
I cannot wait for the Little Mermaid to come. I keep hearing that she's coming. I don't know when but I cannot wait. That was definitely a favorite of mine growing up.

If you could pick one current TV show to star on, other than Once Upon a Time, what would be your dream role?
I kind of love Modern Family. I think Sofia Vergara is brilliant. I don't think I could play her character but I love it.

Can you tease us any more about this week's episode?
Stay tuned very closely to your television because it's a wild ride. You're going to see a lot of good stuff.

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