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This week on Parenthood, we watched couples in distress because of scheduling mishaps, communications problems, illness, unstable relationships and suicide. Things were stacked against many of them in "One More Weekend With You." Let's check out what was going on with the siblings and cousins in the Braverman clan...

There were some concerns in the comments last week about how Kristina is receiving her chemotherapy. I did some research and, according to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, "In order to prevent the sometimes uncomfortable process of placing an IV in the arm or leg, your doctor may suggest that you have a permanent (although it is removed after therapy is over) IV line put into a central vein in your chest."

At this time, it would appear Kristina's doctor is not using state of the art medicine. 

While it may not be delivered in the most comfortable of methods, we learned it's certainly hitting its mark in. All hell was breaking loose and just after Otis peed on the carpet, she threw up on the stairs trying to make it to the bathroom. I was expecting the neighbor boy, Micah, they were watching to reinforce the method of teaching the dog to Adam for Kristina, roll up a newspaper and hit her and then rub her nose in it. 

Kristina's Cancer Treatments

Max was on overload. Full Max mode, if you will. As Kristina was on the bathroom floor sick as a dog, he was still determinedly going to her to try to make his life right. Adam is never enough when he wants things to be set straight, and in his eyes only Kristina has the common sense to see things the way they are meant to be seen. Instead, he was disgusted by her laying there, with all the microbes and fecal matter. But still, he was unable to grasp that she was suffering. They really needed help.  

Crosby to the rescue! His protests about being a responsible parent aside, Adam was able to hit Crosby up for some marijuana. We're pretty lucky in Colorado, having a medical marijuana law (and now a non-medical one!), but it would take a while even in that case to get a license approved. When you see someone in pain, you want to do anything you can for them. Do I condone illegal drug use? No, but the legal drugs Kristina was given weren't doing anything. That's when you need to reevaluate why some drugs are legal and why some aren't.

Jasmine and Crosby finally had a great storyline! Their fight was so realistic. When you are living with someone, it's so difficult to know what do to about the other person's schedule. I'm sure when the party was first set, things hadn't been so crazy in the Braverman family. With Crosby working until 3 and 4 a.m., throwing a weekend shindig is the last thing you want to do. But Crosby pulled it out in the end and Jasmine couldn't hide how much she loved him, even when he was a brat.

Another couple who are still learning how to work together are Sarah and Mark. I know many of you weren't pleased with my exclusion of Drew's antics in last week's review, but I wasn't ready to discuss his how awful I thought it was that he used Kristina's cancer to get Amy back. It was such a low thing to do, and I was shocked that Amy fell so easily for the trick. She fell pretty hard, as this week they were in bed when Mark walked in on them.

Watching Jason Ritter try to parent Drew as Mark about condoms and STDs had to be one of the most uncomfortable scenes I've seen in a very long time. It got kind of convoluted, but he promised Drew he wouldn't tell Sarah, then Sarah asked Hank for advice. Going against Mark's wishes, she told Drew she knew what happened. That threw a wrench in Mark's relationship with Drew and also showed Sarah thinks more highly of Hank's opinion thank Mark's. That cannot end well.

Even Joel and Julia faced a parenting dilemma. I've been waiting for Sydney to crack, and she fell apart in a big way this week. She made it clear Victor was not her brother, Julia didn't quit her job to spend time with her and Victor but only Victor, and in case they forgot, she was there first. Seeing her little tearful face, dragging her suitcase away in hopes of finding a taxi was heartbreaking, but totally understandable. We've all been wondering where Sydney was as Joel and Julia attempted to bond with Victor. From being an only child to having an older brother was a huge deal.

It was wonderful of Joel to wake up the next morning with an understanding of where Sydney was coming from. Julia's first response was that Sydney's tantrum really worked on Joel, but Joel stood his ground. Sydney made some valid points. They had been spending so much time making sure Victor felt secure in his new family, the kind of forgot to make sure Sydney felt as secure with her new family, as well. The three of them finally did something together, and I loved the classic Sydney response to Julia's idea of taking Victor some hot chocolate on their way home. Nah.

Finally, Amber and Ryan went on a road trip to a funeral for one of the guys from Ryan's unit. He committed suicide. I thought it was pretty evident, but it took a while for Amber to catch on. Ryan took it pretty badly and gave her an out.

Amber watched her mother take care of her father all her life, and that's definitely not the life I'd want for her, but being a veteran is also much different than being an addict. Every couple has something to move through or past, and if they can get through things like friend's suicides and the haunting feelings they bring up, they should be okay.

One More Weekend With You Review

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