Revenge First Look: Meet Victoria's Mother!

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Adrienne Barbeau guest stars on Revenge as Victoria's mother, Marion, on November 25.

In "Lineage," hindsight's 20/20 for Victoria as she receives a surprise visit from her estranged mother and all the baggage that comes with it (see our photo gallery for many images from this flashback-heavy episode).

"We're explaining how Victoria became Victoria," creator Mike Kelley says.

"If you think Victoria's bad, wait until you see how she got that way."

Here's the first shot of Barbeau (with Josh Bowman) on Revenge:

Daniel and Grandma

The majority of the hour flashes back to 2006, when Emily met Aiden, Ashley worked in a very different environment, and Jack and Declan's father, the original Carl, got caught up in some trouble.

Madeleine Stowe's Victoria will also think back to when she was 15.

That particular, impressionable age would be "right at the point where you know the events happening around her are going to change her into the wicked woman we know," Kelley tells TV Guide.

He eventually plans to have Victoria search for her MIA father.  

Excited for this episode? How do you think it'll play out?

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