Revenge Sneak Peeks: Daniel's Power Play

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Four sneak preview clips from Sunday's midseason finale of Revenge show Daniel making a major play for control of Grayson Global, with potentially wide-ranging fallout for himself and numerous other characters.

Case in point? Nolan Ross. Marco Romero, who we met in last week's flashback-heavy episode, makes his 2012 debut and informs Daniel about the vanishing $500 million account, but not where the money went.

Daniel makes Nolan an offer allowing him to avoid divulging that information, but it involves a transfer of power that will forever alter NolCorp. It's a ruthless move, but Mr. Ross may have no choice but to acquiesce.

Meanwhile, Ashley urges Daniel to make sure Aiden is properly vetted before expanding his role on the Grayson Global board, and Victoria encourages Daniel to call off his takeover attempt, but won't say why.

Also, baby Carl's christening ceremony becomes surprisingly emotional for godmother Emily.

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