Revenge to Go Bicoastal, Renew Conrad-Victoria Tension

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If you thought the surprising and poignant moments shared by Conrad and Victoria on the most recent Revenge planted the seed for a bona fide reconciliation ... think again. It's not happening by a long shot.

Two other factors will further complicate their tumultuous union, according to reports:

  1. The arrival of Jason Prosser, a rival hedge fund manager played by Dylan Walsh.
  2. A new skeleton in Conrad’s closet ... as if that guy didn't have enough already.
Conrad Up to No Good
Victoria Wedding Photo

Item #2, Madeline Stowe says, will bring a “surprising” secret to light “very soon” regarding her sham spouse.

“It’s always something,” she laughs. “All marriages tilt on the axis of their own logic, and this is a weird one.”

Meanwhile, the show is also casting the role of a concierge who works at an upscale Los Angeles hotel, hinting that Emily's quest may take her from the Hamptons to the far western reaches of the U.S.

The plot thickens! Share your comments and theories with us below.

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Revenge Quotes

Emily: If you're gonna keep coming at me, you're going to have to be a hell of a lot smarter.
Margaux: You think you're invincible?
Emily: Not invincible just...better.

Ross, if you're quite finished playing 'who's got the bigger hard drive' I have an update for you both.