Beauty and the Beast Review: Taking a Chance

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"Bridesmaids Up!" was so good and then so ... not good.

I'm going to start with the lighter fare and then go down to the dark side because this episode was huge in scope. All cards on the table, I never expected to get as involved with Catherine and Vincent or Beauty and the Beast as I have. I'm completely surprised at my reaction to the show and Cat and Vincent as a couple.

I don't know if anyone else feels the same as I did, sharing the ups and downs that came during the hour, but I was blown away.

Her Father's Wedding

For the lighter side, let's start by saying if someone told me I had to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for a wedding, I would politely bow out. On a cop's salary? Are you kidding me? A pair of nude shoes like the ones shown cost $945. I don't even want to think about what the dresses must have cost. They could all buy new cars for the price of their bridesmaids outfits!

On the other hand, the speech Cat gave at the wedding was absolutely lovely and I'm so glad her family story has turned out to be a happy one when so many shows decide to follow a different path. 

The only thing the case of the week provided was material for Cat and Vincent to get to know each other better via Cat's dating profile. It was a perfect moment when Vincent realized all of her answers were pointing to him as her perfect date. How they danced around the issue of being together was very difficult to watch. Vincent felt so different after taking the serum, almost rejuvenated. He believed his non-scientific tests proved he could handle himself in a crowd.

He wanted to attend the wedding with Cat, but no matter how many ways he tried to make it happen, Vincent couldn't get her to accept the challenge. Part of her was afraid for him and the other afraid for herself. If something did go wrong, there would be a lot of explaining to do, and she could lose him forever. 

My gosh. When he showed up at the wedding, wearing a tux, lurking in the background and she just felt his presence, I cried. Cried! This show on The CW was not supposed to make me feel. Not as strongly as I do, and for that I have to give kudos to the writers. They have surprised me greatly. I'm a born cynic, and even my hardened heart broke at the sight of them dancing together. It's something so many people in love take for granted, but what they felt at that moment must have been overwhelming. If it was to watch, what would it have been to live?

Since Heather asked Evan to the wedding - a pairing I never considered, but quite liked - she got some inside information on what he'd been dabbling with with regard to the DNA evidence he found at his crime scene. He's pulled together evidence even as far back as Cat's mom's murder and he's linked it together. It was the same being, beast or animal; he's not quite sure. But he is sure that it is changing, and losing it's humanity in the process.

J.T. doesn't have the knowledge required to fully study and analyze what is happening with Vincent. That became apparent when Cat was talking with Evan. Evan has barely had time to study the DNA and he's already determined the shifting nature of it from human to animal, and the progression in the wrong direction. 

Cat told Vincent, naturally, because they can't hide information that important from each other. Vincent took off and when Cat went to find him, the murderer from the case of the week hunted Cat down and shot her. Thankfully, Vincent was again lurking nearby, turned beastly and pulled Cat out of the car.

Here's where things get interesting. Evan and Heather were leaving the wedding, and came upon the accident scene. There is no way Evan didn't notice the being holding Cat wasn't wholly human. If you recall, during my review of "Trapped," I suggested that Evan knowing about Vincent might not be a deal breaker. He's not a bad guy and his scientific mind could be very useful. He trusts Cat. He knows the beast saved Cat once when her mother was killed, and saved him when he was almost murdered, and this third time there he is holding Cat safely away from an accident scene.

Might Evan join forces with Cat, Vincent and J.T. to try to find a cure, a solution to stop the steady progression from human to animal? As a balanced guy I can't think of a reason not to trust Cat and have a meeting with Vincent. Would he want to turn him in for saving his life? For tearing the murderer to shreds? Or would he see the potential for scientific discovery and helping a friend? 

That's my hope. Evan will come on board and our trio won't be so damned alone any more. They'll have proper tools, instruments, someone else to run changes by as they occur. What are your thoughts? Do you think Evan will be a benefit or will he turn against Cat and Vincent, and will they have to be even more careful when the show returns in January?

Theorize below, and remember to watch Beauty and the Beast online in order to catch up. I want everyone in top form when it returns January 24th!

Bridesmaids Up! Review

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I am so relieved, I feel as festive as you look.


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