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"Trapped" wasn't one of the better episodes of the season, but we did learn something big about Vincent's time in Afghanistan. Trying to save her when she was murdered wasn't the first time he came to her defense.

Evan did wonder what Cat saw in the tunnel! I'm so glad they didn't just let that issue ride. He's far to smart for that.  Was it wrong that I felt bad Cat used him for J.T. to get into his office to Evan's equipment to make the serum? Because I did. Evan is a really good guy and I don't like to see him used, even when it's for a good purpose.

After what happened to him and given his scientific nature, it's entirely possible he might be interested in what Vincent is, not turn him in and even offer his services to help figure out what to do with him. Hey - it's possible!

Vincent in Afghanistan

Forgive me if I can't write about the case of the week, as much as I like Tess, saddling her with that singing freak was too much to bear. Every time he opened his lips to beat out a tune I wanted to cover my ears and hum until it was over. I like it much better when Tess and Cat are working cases together.

When they are apart, Tess's necessity withing the plot seriously dwindles. Just being there to watch J.T. sneak out of Evan's examination room was hardly necessary.

When I saw that Vincent had broken out of his cage, I was hoping maybe he had meandered by the precinct and strangled the singer to give the book an ending. Hey - imagine that! I did have something to say about the case after all. At least in the end Jake redeemed himself by get his manager for his attempted murder and speaking like a normal person.

That whole fake persona stuff really drives me nuts. I think girls would like a sweet boy just as much as they like a hard-talking wise-ass. But that's just me.

Now onto the important topic. Vincent! That Maya (Bianca Lawson) from Pretty Little Liars turns up everywhere, doesn't she? I think she's still on Teen Wolf and here we saw her as one of Vincent's fellow subjects in Afghanistan. One who didn't take well to the serum at all. We never did find out what happened to her, did we? I watched a couple times, but missed any possible outcome. Here's hoping she shows up sometime in the future.

Lawson was a soldier named Lafferty, and seemed pretty tight with Vincent. When she disappeared, it hit him hard. I'd bet if he kept thinking, he'd realize her disappearance and the resulting talk about them in the third person as animals was what triggered his own side effects.

When the captain started talking harshly and pulled his weapon on Vanessa as she was attempting to defend the soldiers with word of a cure for side effects, it appeared Vincent had his first episode as the beast. That was rather telling.

I wonder how long he had been following her after they got back to the States and how long someone had been trying to kill Cat's mom to keep her quiet. As it stands, it would seem Vincent and Cat meeting was always a foregone conclusion.

J.T. made a solution, and he was ready to test it, but Vincent had no intention of waiting. He just injected himself. End of argument.

What do you think it will do in the long run? How often will the side effects appear? Like Vincent said, there is no change for what he is. So what does that mean? What might cause him to go back into a rage and suffer again? Just think. This might be the new beginning between Cat and Vincent - again!

Trapped Review

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