Burn Notice Review: Out Of The Frying Pan...

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As we launch into the first hour of the two hour Burn Notice Season 6 finale, Michael and company are still trying to get out of the country... and having bad luck at every turn. "You Can Run" featured the mother-load of bad luck as Jesse got captured and Sam got shot!

I officially hate Olivia Riley. While others may find a different reason to despise her, the fact that she tried to bluff Jesse into giving up Michael by pretending to have the file that Jesse has tried to get 37 times pissed me off so badly I was surprised Jesse didn't stop Fiona from giving her the antidote. 

Burn Notice Season Finale Scene

Don’t get me wrong, I understand deception is part of the game. But Olivia has the connections to get the information to make it a legit offer. She was just taking a short cut and, thankfully for Jesse and Michael, it didn't pay off.

Speaking of Jesse, how awesome was he?!? I know he only joined the show a couple of years ago, but he is family now and I can’t imagine the show without him. Jesse, I’m proud that you stayed strong and could look Michael in the eye and tell him truthfully that you didn't give her anything. 

The person I’m most scared for is Sam. That gunshot doesn't look good and Fiona’s ex-beau EMT looks like he is in way over his head. You would think with all the contact Michael has made in six years, a doctor who could patch up a bullet wound would be on the list. Or at least high enough on the list they would have called Jed first!  

Normally I would say we have nothing to worry about, but with Nate dying this year I wouldn't put it past Matt Nix to write another character out. I really hope I’m wrong and Sam will be able to recover. At least we don't have to wait long to find out. 

Is there any farther down Michael can go? Sam maybe on to something with this Burn Notice quote:

You have good reasons, but you do enough bad things, you become the bad guy. | permalink

Last week he was willing to let Schmidt die; this week he’s kidnapping federal agents and nerve gassing safe houses. For the love of God Michael, pull up before you hit bottom! 

In conclusion I’m giving the episode 4.5 cups of yogurt in memory of the Michael we all know, love and miss. We have one more hour in this season and I just don’t see how this is going to end well. 

You Can Run Review

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Michael: Thanks Sam
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