Elementary Review: Measure of Success

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In "The Leviathan," we were taken on yet another great investigation that, as usual, featured many twists and turns. Yes, it was just ANOTHER great episode of Elementary.

For the first time since Elementary Season 1 premiere we saw Sherlock stumped. I thought that seeing him unable to come to an immediate conclusion would be frustrating, but I found it all the more interesting and it pulled me in.

During the progression of the case, we had Watson trying to impress her family, knowing that it was essentially an impossible task. Sherlock to the rescue!

Holmes Meets the Family

Starting at the beginning: Really, Sherlock? Twins?!? You get yours, man, but I have to admit, Watson did look a little jealous. She was either very distraught with this little reveal or very jealous. Either way, this opening was definitely the most comedic thus far.

One of my favorite parts about this episode was the continuation of Joan's backstory by introducing her mother and brother. When we first met her mom I did not like her at all. It's obvious that her brother is regarded as the golden child and that Joan has not made her mom proud. Especially when she called Joan a "babysitter." Even I felt the sting from that comment. I was hoping that Sherlock would be able to come to her defense and change their mind.

He did just that.

The dinner scene with him and the Watson's went down as my one of my favorites in Elementary. No matter what Sherlock said in the taxi afterwards, he meant what he said at dinner and I do believe that he knows she has been crucial to their investigations. I felt like a proud mother while listening to him boast about her performances on cases. The best part was when he said that you measure Joan's success by how many careers she has restarted and lives she has saved. No matter what kind of relationship these two will have, they make a great team.

The best part about it is that Joan IS happy with Sherlock and does love helping him. The feeling is mutual even if Holmes doesn't admit it.

This leads me to keep questioning how are the writers going to keep these two together as partners. I realize that the last scene with Joan and her mom is going to be a catalyst to starting this new storyline. I'm anxious to find out HOW we get there. I look forward to the journey.

Another favorite moment was when Sherlock was stumped. I figured that seeing him confused would mean frustration as a viewer, but it was the complete opposite. I was dragged into the storyline and plot more than I ever have before! I was thinking: "how the heck is he going to figure this out - how are we going to get there?" The anticipation of figuring it out with him was exciting to experience. I love this show.

Truthfully, I was a little disappointed that their wasn't an epic climax or some kind of cliff hanger to keep me hanging by a thread, considering it was the winter finale and all.

Regardless, I loved this episode and all of the story elements that were thrown into it.

Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui are flawless together. Move over Robert and Jude, these two have stole my heart as Holmes and Watson.

The Leviathan Review

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

We can talk fees on the way but I am not sure for a job that will only take me one or two hours to solve.


Sherlock: If you must know, the relationship between the Lynch Sister and I is mutually beneficial.
Joan: I don't want to know.