Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Where Are You Going?

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In the latest clip from Gossip Girl's swan song, Georgina tries to stop Dan from deviating from her plan.

Where's he off to, and what's he about to do with his unpublished work that she disagrees with?

Watch the sneak peek from "New York, I Love You XOXO" here and see what you think ...

Two other sneak preview clips have been released in advance of the finale. In those scenes:

  • Nate and Sage pore over the evidence and discuss potential Gossip Girl suspects.
  • Dan and Serena discuss what he wrote about her, and whether it's genuine.

Clearly, all bets are off as we gear up for the 121st and final episode of the series.

Amid the endless debate over who ends up together - three couples will surprise us, two will not - there's also a polarizing twist at the end, the Gossip Girl reveal, and a flash forward. Is it Monday yet?

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