Person of Interest Review: Taxi Driver

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Who knew that taking a simple cab drive could be so dangerous?

Person of Interest focused the case of the week on a taxi driver trying to bring his family into the United States, and the unfortunate laptop trouble he gets mixed up in.

Except the episode, "C.O.D." left me rather underwhelmed.

Finch In The Middle

It's not that the hour was bad, because it wasn't, but I kept waiting for something bigger to happen or an emotional chord to be struck.

Sure, Reese had his fight scenes per usual and Finch did manage to get out of his office to do some work, but overall it felt like it was missing that extra kick the show normally doles out.

I am curious as to how the HR storyline will progress and if Simmons and his boss can rebuild their corrupt company.

Certainly, having Fusco caught in those dangerous waters was probably the more entertaining aspects of the night. He still desperately wants out, but he's not a clean cop, so the situation becomes more difficult.

And I'm glad he at least tried calling Reese even if he was never able to tell him the truth. There's such a struggle taking place for his character and you can't help but want to root for him.

Which made him telling Simmons he was done even greater, despite the fact that his past is definitely going to have bad consequences for him.

Can Fusco ever really escape HR?

Certainly Elias wants nothing to do with HR, and though we didn't get to see him, I enjoy that his presence is still a heavy one on this show.

It's cool that Reese and Finch's adversaries can always come back to face them again.

But ultimately, it was the taxi driver and the murderous Estonians that left much to be desired.

In fact, the Estonians, even though they were a threat, didn't really have a personality that jumped off the screen. They just weren't memorable.

As was the person of interest himself. Sure, he wanted to save his family, but it just didn't give me the emotional resonance I think the episode wanted. Maybe if he had a speech where he stared into a mirror shouting, "You talking to me!?"

That said, Bear did get a chance to use his attack skills again, even if his final moments were playing catch with Reese. Which if you think about it, should Reese and Carter have been in the outfield of the baseball game? I guess they probably didn't think anyone could hit it that far.

Person of Interest has been on fire with its episodes, so it was bound to happen that one might end up being less than stellar. That said, even if this was my least favorite of the season so far, it still managed to give us those good moments like Reese riding a motorcycle and Finch walking into the bar with Bear like a boss.

After all, who doesn't love Reese and Finch kicking ass and saving the day?

What did you think of the episode? Can Fusco escape HR? Sound off below!

C.O.D. Review

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