Revenge Sneak Peek: An Unlikely Alliance

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Revenge returns January 6, and when it does, an unlikely alliance will form.

After one of the series' fun winks at itself and its fans - Victoria pretending she's never noticed the view of Emily's beach house from her balcony - she gets down to business and pleads for Emily's help.

Daniel, she says, is in over his head running Grayson Global, lacking the ruthless demeanor required of such a position. Only Emily, Victoria says, can bring her son back from the precipice of ... something.

Very bad things await Danny, she's convinced of that. Obviously Emily agrees to help, and obviously she's going to be running her own game. But where does the Revengenda end and the genuine emotions begin?

Check out the sneak preview clip from "Power" and comment below:

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@liz i wouldnt say that season 2 is better than season 1 but its also not bad but what the writers really need to do is to get emily back focused and out for revenge. not on emilys love life


I must say I am lovin' season 2 somethin' fierce! I think the plots are much deeper and interesting and that the new characters are fantastic! (especially Aiden!) Don't worry girls now that Emily and Aiden have finished some major damage control that was needed with the "revelation" of Kara Clarke, and Mason Treadwell figuring out the "web of Reven8e" and it's connection to sweet socialite; Emily Thorne...I'm pretty sure from now on the show will be all about the dynamic duo (Em's and Mr. Bond) kicking some Initiative butt! I can't wait to see Aiden and Emily in action! I think this storyline has been pieced together very well and I especially loved the flashback and giving a back-story on Aiden, and also why Victoria is such a "B" (it's in her DNA!). It will also be fun to watch Nolan get his Reven8e against Marco and Daniel too. I am hoping that we will get a chance to see what happened when Aiden tried to save his sister and also get to see what is up with Takeda in all of this? Hello writers...more flashbacks PLEASE...


i do agree with justme(2) and retiredlaverinia if the show would just go back to its main focus which is emily taking down the people who wronged her father then it could return to its former glory it still has a chance to prove itself in the second half of the season


Have to agree that Revenge has lost it's edge somewhat! Although I like Emily with Aiden, I'm not convinced he is her true love any more than Daniel or Jack is. She needs to live out her revenge the last one standing then she can figure out if there is a loving heart beating in her chest! I sure do hope the writers figure out that the viewers want their show back or the channel is going to be switched ! I'm already unhappy that I ever watched 666 now that I like it and the network is canceling..... I hate that!


cant wait


I know, I think the show's lost some of its grip this season. It's still better than most shows but it's not close to its former glory.


Season one of this show was a must see - Now it is a show to watch on mute while listening to muic on the radio just for the "eye candy". What happened??

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Emily: It says here she had a criminal record.
Amanda: Join the club.

Well bros before hos only works if he's not still in love with the ho, bro.