Rizzoli & Isles Review: Not In Real Life

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Is "Virtual Love" real? It depends who you ask.

Death of a Microbrewer

Perhaps you shouldn't ask a guy who picks an avatar named Olaf the Boneless. As Jane says in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

 How is a boneless dwarf on a shield a great warrior? | permalink

That was hard to wrap my head around, but no more so than a guy with a beautiful wife at home who chose to spend thousands of hours in a virtual world. Yes, her avatar might have been lovely but the real Kendra Dee had at least 30 years on him. I'm guessing knowing who she was in real life just would have ruined the fun.

What I didn't get was why he slept with Ruby before he knew who she was online... but then dumped her once he found out. Was it not until that moment that he realized how insane she was in the real world? Did it all just ruin the fantasy for him?

On some level, I don't think Ruby could distinguish real life and the game. For her it all became one world.

Honestly, the person who should have killed Greg was his wife. The guy was cheating on her in both the real world and the virtual world. That he ended up with a viking spear through his chest really wasn't a surprise.

Speaking of failed relationships, if we're going to have to deal with the after effects of Angela and Cavanaugh's breakup, I wish we could have enjoyed a little more of their relationship. It feels like they got them together simply to break them apart.

But it was great to see Jane call her mother out on playing the jealousy game. It was very sweet how proud it made Angela.

The teenagers were mildly interesting, but a little too predictable. The Maura wanna be was a nice touch. I always enjoy having Rondo make a return visit, if only to hear him refer to Jane as Vanilla.

Overall, this felt like more a filler episode. Angela and Cavanaugh were right where we'd left them last week. There were no scenes with Tommy and the new baby. Jane's relationship with Casey hasn't been mentioned since the show returned this winter and neither has Maura's biological family.

With so very few episode left in the Rizzoli & Isles Season 3, how many of these story threads will be wrapped up before it's over?


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Ithought it was a great show all on the health kick Jane doing the jogging in Places funny over all I thought it was good!!:-)


To Ginger,
I can agree with the wrapping up storylines comment you brought up. I did read that they are bringing back Dr Hope Martin in the finale so I do think they are coming back around to those storylines.


The hanging story threads that you mention are beginning to bother me. For great friends like Maura and Jane, the fact that they don't even mention Maura's new family or Casey seems very odd. I know we will see more of Tommy, Lydia and the baby in the future, but I wonder if the writers think the viewers don't remember the other stories and have decided to forget them too. This episode was creatively bland and the mystery can't really stand up to scrutiny either. Bring back some emotions please. Let the girls have their personal storylines or the show has no heart.


Rizzoli and Isles is a good and fun show and these two ladies are a great team who bounce off one another in super fashion. One tough the other a brain and together they make a very entertaining show. The whole cast is good and look forward to seeing the show each week.


Loved the Jane and Maura togetherness in this one. I think that some of the storylines will be wrapped up by season end. Next week Casey is back so I am sure that is to wrap it up some what.


Love this show. Nice gaming episode. Love the interactions of Jane and Maura that makes every show! I wonder what the finale will bring in a couple of weeks those are always good too!!

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