Scandal Round Table: "Defiance"

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Who shot Fitz? is the question on everyone's lips after last week's episode of Scandal. "Defiance" went where other political dramas have not dared go with the presidential assassination attempt.

While we're all holding our breath for this Thursday's installment, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," the TV Fanatic Round Table is here with their thoughts about what's happening with Olivia Pope and company. Join Emily from ABC Scandal Fans and TV Fanatic staff members Leigh Raines, Jim Garner, Carla Day, and Miranda Wicker by reading now and then leaving your answers in the comments.


What was your favorite scene from "Defiance"?

Emily: I really loved the scene with Harrison and Abby dancing during their stakeout.  It was a really endearing moment, although we as viewers know the struggle Harrison is dealing with which made the scene painful as well. Overall, I’m glad that we are getting a chance to see the personal aspect of the other OPA team members’ lives this season.

Leigh: Quinn giving her speech to Huck that she was totally onto him. Nice to finally see her get assertive and not just cower in the corner to Abby's insults. I'm Quinn bitch!

Jim: I loved Quinn confronting Huck about her abduction. I don't think anyone was expecting her to go digging using the very skills they have been teaching her against them. Damn smart!

Carla: When Fitz said "We can't always get what we want, can we?" to Mellie. I can't stand her, so it was nice to see her own words thrown back at her.

Miranda: Ah! I love all the scenes you guys have mentioned. To go with something different, the scene with Olivia and Edison after he threw her client under the bus and she complimented him on his political maneuvering. It was a little glimpse into why they might have gotten together in the first place - he's just as savvy as she is.

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Rate Harrison as Team Leader on a scale of 1 to 10.

Emily: I would rate Harrison an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.  Even though he ran into a few snags along the way, he wasn’t too proud to call and ask Olivia for help, which I think is a very important quality.

Leigh: Right now he's at a 7. He did a good job, he just needs to be more sure of himself. Big office Harrison has all the tools to make it a 10.

Jim: Started at about a 6 dropped to a 3 when he went running back to Olivia for help, but pulled out a 9 in the end by stepping up and fixing things.

Carla: 6. I guess I'm more harsh than everyone else. Yes, he should be commended for calling Olivia for help, but that doesn't make him a good leader. He's new to that role, so it's expected he will need assistance. At times, it was a lack of confidence in himself though. He has the potential to be a good team leader, but he's not there yet. Olivia is putting trust in him and helping him get there.

Miranda: I'll give him a 7, but yeah, he definitely bobbled just a bit with the doctor and letting the son get shot. He's no Olivia Pope, but he's a quick study. He'll get there.

What do you think James will do now that he has proof of the voter fraud?

Emily: I’m not sure which way James will choose to go.  On one hand I believe, as a journalist, he has this great sense of a moral code, that the American people deserve to know the truth. It didn’t stop him before when he published the article about Mellie’s alleged affair during the campaign. However, I think he loves Cyrus and he’s going to face a huge internal battle in making the decision to do what’s right in bringing the truth to light or protecting his husband.

Leigh: I think James will definitely put together an amazing article, but right before he goes to press Cyrus will find out. It will cause major drama, of course, not just to the administration but to their marriage. The question is, does James love his hubby enough to cover up such a massive scandal? Hollis will definitely go after him.

Jim: Die. He's going to tell David or Cyrus and both of those are going to spell certain doom for our newly employed husband.

Carla: He's in quite a quandary, isn't he? In the end, he will not go public with what he found out because of his love for Cyrus. He could make a name for himself professionally, but without the love of his life? Would it be worth it? Though, it may not matter if the President dies.

Miranda: I think he's going to take this information to Cyrus thinking Cyrus doesn't already know about it and then Cyrus is going to be the one in the quandary. And I don't put it past Cyrus to take out his own husband. He's a monster, remember?

Is Edison more than just a pawn in Olivia's game?

Emily: At this point, I don’t feel that Olivia is playing Edison. She was even attempting to keep their relationship private, by not going to the Gala together. If she was using him, I would expect her to flaunt the relationship more. I think she loves him, but isn’t in love with him. I think she’s settling for their relationship to distract her from not being able to have the relationship she wants with Fitz. With Edison, she’s able to do all of the “normal” things she couldn’t do with Fitz.  

Leigh: I think she really cares for Edison. I also happen to like him. He's upfront, honest, seems loyal. He causes Fitz to angrily flip through photos and probably get a million paper cuts. Let's keep him!

Jim: Absolutely. She and Fitz were playing a weird game of chicken. Once Fitz flinched and she knew it, she was ok with showing her hand with Edison.

Carla: Yes. Olivia does care about Edison. Rather than be lonely and dream about what can't be, she is moving on. Though, Fitz is her one and only true love. She won't ever get over him completely.

Miranda: I go back and forth on this. Sometimes I think Edison's just a placeholder, but then I think she does care for him. Mostly because I think Olivia's greatest weakness is maybe that she cares too much sometimes. I need more of their backstory to answer this for sure.

Who shot President Fitz? That is, who do you think was behind the shooting?

Emily: My gut is telling me to go with Hollis, although it does seem a bit like the obvious choice after he threatened Cyrus. I can’t really believe it would be any of the other main players because I don’t see what they could possibly gain in killing the President or staging an attempted assassination. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone other than one of the main players – perhaps we’ll see a reappearance from Governor Reston. On the other hand – was Fitz the target??? Hmmmm… And for the record, I think Charlie pulled the trigger.

Leigh: First of all, I just started breathing again after that scene. I think Hollis is behind the shooting, trying to exert and show his power. As for the shooter, maybe it was Charlie, Huck's old comrade.

Jim: I'm pretty sure it's going to be Hollis, seems like a bold way to make a statement and he is all about bold.

Carla: I don't think Hollis is behind the shooting. I'm not sure who is, but I don't think it's him. And, good guess about Charlie unless it's someone we haven't met before. I'd love for it to be a mystery that Olivia takes on and that it's someone we haven't met yet.

Miranda: I feel like Hollis is too obvious. My money's on a not-really-dead Billy Chambers hiring someone to take out the President so his girl Sally Langston can take over the Oval. What I know for sure is that I really, really can't wait to find out.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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