Up All Night Review: Team Scott

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This week on Up All Night, Chris and Scott struggled to get their new business off the ground. Unfortunately, "I Can't Quit You" also struggled in its effort to entertain. 

Chris falling back into smoking to cope with the stress of finding jobs to work on was very reminiscent of Friends when Chandler Bing began lighting up again. There were a few original scenes though that rang funny, though.

One was when Scott caught Chris second hand smoking and delivered a great addition to the list of Up All Night quotes as he talked about Chris giving Amy's wedding toast through a hole in his neck. Another was when Chris awkwardly bought smokes and the boob lighter. The third was the one pictured below, where Amy caught her dad in the act and broke his craving with her adorably judgmental stare. 

Chris Starts Smoking

While Chris hid his habit, Reagan reconnected with Scott's ex-wife Connie and danced in secret. I guess there is only one ballet studio in Los Angeles? Seeing Gene and Terry strut their stuff was amusing, but Reagan's secret was much more innocent than Chris's if you ask me. 

The best scene came as Chris tried to hide the nicotine patch from a turned on Reagan and culminated as she angrily told Chris to get off her side of the bed. 

Ava's story line really missed the mark as she entertained the contest winner from her old show and the woman's family. 

This show has rarely missed the mark, but tonight was one of the more average installments in the short history of the series. 

What did you think? 

I Can't Quit You Review

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Up All Night Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Scott: Wine em, dine em and redesign em.
Ava: I like mine no ice and no margarita mix. Then it's just tequila.

Are you second hand smoking? It's a totally slippery slope dude. You go from piggybacking a guys smoke. Next thing you know you're giving your daughter's wedding toast through a hole in your neck. What a joyous occasion.