American Horror Story Review: Big Love and the Flying Nun

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American Horror Story Season 2 has spent most of its time set in Briarcliff, but even outside of the institution its influence heavily influenced the characters.

In "Continuum," the episode was split into four separate acts; only one of which was in Briarcliff.  Each act jumped to a point in the future providing a glimpse of what happened to the former Briarcliff patients and Johnny.

Jude in Trouble

Act I: Kit and His Wives The opening scene was brutal to watch. What possibly could have happened to lead Kit to be holding an ax with blood all over him. He was never a violent man, so it had to be misdirection, right?

Last week, I wondered if Kit would be living a Sister Wives life - and guess what? He did! Kit had a happy life with Alma, Grace and their two kids. After the torment that they suffered at Briarcliff and with the aliens, it was pleasant to see them enjoying life, even if an unorthodox one.

The trouble between Alma and Grace surprisingly wasn't about having to share Kit, they were supportive of each other in that regard. It was their pasts with the aliens that caused discord. Grace wanted to remember, while Alma wanted to pretend it never happened. Their differing reactions made sense though. Grace was saved by the aliens. They gave her life, Kit, and a child, while for Alma they destroyed and complicated her life. They took her away from the nearly-perfect life she had with Kit.

And then conflict came when the differing views overtook the two women. Grace believed the aliens would come back, while Alma never wanted them to return. Their demeanors were just as opposite: Grace was filled with joy, while Alma was overwhelmed with fear.

While I didn't think Kit killed anyone, I never considered that it was Alma. What the heck!?!? What a tragic ending to their lives! When Kit took the ax, I was sure he would be blamed and be headed back to Briarcliff, but instead it was Alma. 

The alien story doesn't seem to have had a point and remains a mystery. Why did the aliens take the women and give them children? Is this story over? Or, will the aliens return in the finale?

Act II: Jude's False Hope Jude was the only one left at Briarcliff. Everyone else was either released, moved on, or was killed. The Monsignor promised he would have her released, but he failed her. It's unclear what happened or if he even really intended to help her, but Jude remained locked up.

Her experiences at Briarcliff after it became a state-run facility were just odd. Did the new top prison bitch really look like the Dark Angel? Or, was Jude hallucinating it? What seems to be the case is that Jude began to be drugged with Chlorpromazine and led her to lose time and memories.

When she found out she had lost the time and that Pepper was dead, she was heartbroken. Jessica Lange gave another outstanding performance here. She has been amazing throughout and seems to top herself each week. 

What will happen to Jude? I'd love for her to have a happy ending, but at this point, she seems to belong in a mental institution. If anything, Briarcliff can turn an entirely sane person crazy after all.

Act III: Lana's Essence of Truth Last week, I wrote that I hoped Lana would keep her son and live a happy life with him. That wasn't to be. That determined, but good-hearted Lana was gone. She wrote the book Maniac about her experiences with Bloody Face, but exaggerated and made up stories. Even worse, she became self-absorbed and unlikable. Her conscience was starting to get the better of her with visions of Wendy and Thredson. Perhaps, she will suffer a mental break from it all.

It was sad to see her bittersweet reunion with Kit. She gave up on her promise to close Briarcliff leaving its patients behind to suffer, including Jude. Of course, Lana didn't know Jude was still there, but that's no excuse. And she barely seemed sorry when she heard that Alma ended up there and died.

What will Lana and Kit do next? Is their story over? Now that Lana knows that Jude is at Briarcliff, will she be pulled there to visit? I hope so. That would be an epic reunion and one that could perhaps pull Jude out of her foggy existence, while giving Lana a renewed call to action.

I loved this interaction between Kit and Jude. It was devastating to see Jude's deterioration.

Jude: They don't know, but I don't need the hat. I can fly without it. One of these days I'm going to fly my ass right outta here. Watch and see.
Kit: I don't doubt it. | permalink

Act IV: Johnny Has a Plan Oh, Johnny. He has lived in the shadow of his mother's abandonment and his father's notoriety. His quest to make his mother pay and finish his father's work is coming to a natural end. It would make sense for him to want the signed copy of her book. He believes that she never held him or gave him anything, so it is something that she has touched.

Given that he told us his plan, it seems unlikely to actually happen. Perhaps, she will take him in her arms and love him? Though, is Johnny even Lana's son? I've believed that she isn't his mother and the book would seem to support that. Though, she lied often in the memoir, so why couldn't she have lied about her son dying? Now, it seems more likely Johnny is in fact Lana's son.

Regardless, their reunion is sure to be something neither of them will forget!

Johnny: You are gonna give me that book because it's my fate to have it. You see I have a plan to meet my mother. And when I see her I'm going to greet her with a polite hello, Ms Winters, do you know who I am? And, she'll shake her head in ignorance and then I'll present this book of lies. And, then I'll say, "I'm in your book, except I didn't die. I'm the piece of trash you threw away 48 years ago. I'm your son." When she fully understands who it is standing in front of her, I'll take out my 9 mm handgun, point it at her face, and pull the trigger. And, I would have finally completed my father's work. But, first, I'm going to need that book. | permalink

Johnny's monologue about his mother was one of the top moments of the season. It was crazy, but so grounded in reality. I could watch Dylan McDermott give that little diatribe over and over again.

Next week is the finale of the Asylum series. What do you want to see in the end? Will anyone have a happy ending? Or are they all doomed to a horrible future? And, most importantly, what did you think about Kit and his tighty whities?

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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

The Monsignor: Please, Jude, don't be childish.
Jude: Childish? Hell, I'm the Queen of Candyland.

Kit's kid: Daddy?
Kit: Daddy will be there in a minute.