Archer Review: "Legs" for Gay Terminator

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Wow, I gotta tell you: I don't care if he doesn't wash his hands; if his assistants leave beers cans in my body; or if his backup plan is stuffing my body in a dumpster...

... next time I'm suffering from paralysis, I know just who I'm asking to play God and give me back my "Legs."

Archer's Fear

This week, our team hilariously missed its Rome spy adventures to focus on an inane mission at home: Stopping Archer from stopping Krieger from cyborging Gillette.

The episode was basically divided into three groups at a time, each cutting back and forth using the very Adam Reed dialog scene transitions (is there a term for that?). Though some were a little forced, Krieger and Pam's cut in to the asexual terminator rocked.

Also rocking this week? Malory's ridiculously walking racist sterotype of a husband. While I wasn't sure if his little one note intro from the premiere would be a welcome edition, now I'm as sold as the councilmen of White Plains. Yeah, I don't get it, either.

Overall, it was another solid episode that never even needed to leave the ISIS offices nor bring in the fancy guest voice actors of late. Now before I commit any more fireable offenses, I'll keep it short and leave you with my random observations and favorite Archer quotes:

  • The El Camino is not a car.  It's a vehicular hermaphrodite.
  • Bionics.  The Greek word for kick ass!
  • Remember Space-Bot?
  • Cleveland Grover... two non-consecutive messages
  • And the Warren Commission?  Pretty sure they just nailed two political jokes in consecutive scenes.
  • Ohh so that's what they did to the pig on Fourth of Ju-Luau.
  • So with Ray able to walk, is Cyril out of the field?

Legs Review

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Archer Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Ray: Blow me.
Sterling: Why? You couldn't feel it.

Now it requires literal leg work, Ray. Like walking and maybe running. But hopefully not running because I'll be in brand new shoes.