Castle Round Table: "Death Gone Crazy"

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Alexis was sharing, Captain Gates was MIA (again!) and as Kelly Hu mentioned in her earlier interview, Scarlett and Esposito headed out on the town in "Death Gone Crazy."

Below, our Castle Round Table team of TV Fanatic writers Chandel Charles, Carla Day, Jim Garner,  and Christine Orlando are joined by Castle fan Jennifer from the 12th Castle fan boards as they decide who Esposito belongs with and where all the Caskett moments went...


What was your favorite scene?

Chandel: Alexis and Castle agreeing to disagree over the whole vlog situation. Even when they disagree it's a civil conversation, and that's a refreshing dynamic between parent and child.

Carla: The very end when Castle said, "A father would do anything for his daughter."

Jim:  When Espo tried to defend $250 shoes over the $250 bra was awesome, watching Castle mumble "eject, eject" was great. Does Espo know nothing about women?

Jennifer: Oh, that's tough. Honestly, I think it was the final scene with Castle declaring "he'll do anything for his daughter." I love seeing Castle be a dad like that but I really REALLY loved Beckett's reaction. That was classic Caskett right there.

Christine: I really enjoyed the moment between Beckett and Esposito when she called him out on his date with the body guard. These two have always had this great brother/sister vibe and I love it when that shines through.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Is Castle right to be concerned about Alexis' video blog?

Chandel: Yes and No. Yes, because once content is on the web, it's on the web. No, because Alexis knows this is the case.

Carla: Yes, but she's an adult and quite responsible for her age. He's a good father to be concerned, but an even better one to talk to her about it and then let her make her own decision.

Jim:  Absolutely, Alexis is an attractive daughter of a famous author, she's a prime target for stalkers of all sorts. At least she's aware that she's a target and is trying to be smart about it. Honestly, I would be more worried about Max finding it and being annoyed that he's been played!

Jennifer: Yes, absolutely. Alexis might not be posting videos of her flashing the camera, but she is posting private things and people will find so many things silly. Look at the kid who did the numa numa video, all he was doing was singing a song and it went crazy. Someone could take her videos and use them to embarrass her or worse.

Christine: Alexis is a beautiful young woman with a rich famous father. In this world that makes her a target. I know she can't live her life in fear but I'm with Rick. The less personal information she makes public the better. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this vlog comes back to bite her by the end of the season.

Are you rooting for Esposito and Lanie to get back together or should they both just move on with someone else?

Chandel: I have no preference either way. I think the writer's will do whatever is best for the story.

Carla: At some point, I'd like to see them get back together, but I don't want them to all of a sudden reunite. My first thought when reading this question was that I'd like to see him make a grand gesture, but then realized it would be a much better story if Lanie did. She needs to realize he is the only one for her and win him over.

Jim:  Espo and Lanie was so short lived and we never really saw much of them together that it's hard to root for them. I liked seeing Espo with the bodyguard (Kelly Hu), they were a pretty good match.

Jennifer: I'm an Esplanie fan, though I don't ship them TOO hard. I was a bit disappointed we didn't get to see Lanie get jealous in this episode. She's funny when's she's mad. But I think that any reconciliation needs to come from her, I'm still hopeful.

Christine: I'm with Jennifer on this one. I was hoping for a Lanie reaction scene too. I've enjoyed Esposito and Lanie's chemistry since season two so I'm really rooting for them to find their way back together, no matter how they get there.

Has there been enough Caskett romance this season?

Chandel: Unfortunately, I'm starting to jones for some more romantic moments. But I know this will allow me to appreciate those moments when they return.

Carla: The show has done a great job of not changing because Castle and Beckett got together. Limited Caskett moments make the ones we get all the more touching. At the same time, the way it's played out seems realistic.

Jim:  Never! I'm glad they aren't focusing on it every episode, but it's nice to see it sprinkled in.

Jennifer: I'll take the unpopular route and say yes. Sure, the last two episodes have been Caskett lite, but we have seen them go to the Hamptons, stay in his loft, make flirty remarks at the station and so on. Frankly, I wish we'd see more of their sex life. All we do is see them up and about; open an episode with them in bed or something!

Christine: Heck no! I've been very disappointed by the lack of any personal moments the last couple of episodes. I always tell new viewers about the great chemistry between Kate and Rick but if they'd tuned in recently they'd wonder what I was talking about. I don't need sex scenes (although I wouldn't mind them) but how about them waking up together or them cuddling on the sofa. Something damn it! Where is the romance?

Captain Gates has been MIA the last few episodes. Have you missed her?

Chandel: I have totally missed Gates. I called to have her returned during last week's round table. My feelings haven't changed!

Carla: No. She rarely adds anything to the story. It's better to save her for the cases that her presence makes sense or affects the story.

Jim:  Captain who? Just kidding, I agree with Carla, better to save her for when she adds to the story.

Jennifer: LOL .I was just thinking, "Where is Gates?" We need her because she's the only one who doesn't know about Caskett and we're guaranteed to see some fun with that!

Christine: I have missed her. She adds a different dynamic and I like watching Castle try to win her over.

If you had to choose one which would it be, College Girls Gone Crazy, College Guys Gone Nuts, or a $250 bra?

Chandel: None of the above because none of them are my style. At. All.

Carla: Umm ... none of the above?!? Though to own a company, I wouldn't mind owning one that gets away with charging $250 for a bra.

Jim:  Choose one to what? wear? Own? Sell for a profit? I'd need a bit more context.. this is like someone waving a spoon at you and saying "taste this" without any idea of what it might be :)

Jennifer: I'd take the bra. While I like seeing hot guys with their shirts off, I can go watch naked Nathan Fillion on Firefly for that. I'd rather have my girls in something really comfy.

Christine: The College Guys Gone Nuts video might be good for some laughs. Sort of like a comedy night for the girls. But I'd love to be able to splurge on the $250 bra.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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