Justified Round Table: "Hole in the Wall"

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Justified is back!

And along with the white hat, dry humor and overall bad assery of Raylan Givens, that means our Justified Round Table team of Dan Forcella, Jim Garner, Carla Day and Nick McHatton is back as well.

Pull up a virtual chair and gather around below to read their take on "Hole in the Wall."


What was your favorite scene from the opener?
Dan: Probably Raylan's first encounter with Jody. Throwing the bag of burgers in his face was classic Givens, and it just reminded me how awesome the next 12 weeks are going to be.

Jim: I have to agree with Dan, watching Raylan shoot the airbag of a car as a distraction method to prevent being shot and disarm Jody was classic!

Carla: When Colton shot the guy in the head after Boyd said, "Take care of him." In particular, I loved Boyd's shocked reaction. He isn't often taken by surprise. Plus, that moment set the tone for this new character and the relationship with Boyd.

Nick: The dry humor is probably my favorite part of the show. When the girl flashes Raylan, tells him she's a late bloomer and asks his opinion Raylan, deadpans with "patience is a virtue." Absolutely killed me.

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Do you think Constable Bob Sweeney can fill the character void left by Trooper Tom Bergen?
Dan: What can't Constable Bob Sweeney do? If you even question his abilities, you will end up like beef stew, so I won't even dignify that question with an answer. You stay frosty.

Jim: Sorry Dan, maybe I'm just not a huge Patton Oswald fan, but I'm not feeling Bob fan so far. Now I do love the lights on his Pacer, though. The way they didn't show the whole car when we first met him was masterfully played.

Carla: Bob won't fill that void since he is only a round for two, maybe three episodes, plus he has no real legal authority. He provided some laughs though for an otherwise dark show. That said, too much Bob would be a bad thing.

Nick: To be honest, I had no expectations for Patton Oswald or his character. But he fits in with the show so well. Anyone who can get beat up, used as a hostage and human shield, and then stab a teenager in the foot is good company for Raylan.

Constable Bob has a "go bag" for when he is called to action. Given your profession, what would be in your "go bag"?
Dan: My "go bag" consists of lap top, iphone, headphones, flash drive and microphone. Not quite the excitement of Bob's, but less likely to get me killed.

Jim: Since I commute on the train to work, I have a go bag now. It has laptop, ipad, sync cables, chargers for both, thumb-drive, aspirin  and hand sanitizer (trains are dirty). Won't turn anyone into beef stew, but I can work from any Starbucks!

Carla: Like the others have said, it would be all my electronics, cables, extra batteries, and if I could carry it, a large supply of Diet Coke.

Nick: Toilet paper, deodorant, shaving cream....wait, wrong go bag. I have a lot of things in my backpack for classes: Macbook Pro, math books, paper, writing instruments, calculator, lunch, water, cables, etc.

Should Raylan take more work from bail bondsman Sharon Edmunds? 
Dan: Absolutely. Especially if there will be more flashbacks to her and Raylan's night with the macadamia nuts. Getting steamy up in here.

Jim: Hell yes! Between her sultry accent and Raylan's vivid memory it was getting a bit hot. Though I disagree that the Macadamia nut is the most overrated, I think that is the pecan.

Carla: I'm not sure I like this side work bit for Raylan. He gets in enough trouble on the job, does he need to complicate it further with unauthorized bounty hunting? Though, I'd rather see a relationship between Raylan and Sharon than the one he has with the bartender.

Nick: I would rather Raylan do his marshal work than work with Sharon, but he's also thinking of his future child so I can't blame him too much.

Both Boyd and Raylan are stashing cash nobody knows about. What do you think that's going to lead to?
Dan: In a surprising turn of events, Raylan finds Boyd's money and vice versa. Everybody ends up even and nobody gets hurt! Happy endings all around.  Okay, probably not.

Jim: When we hit the fiscal cliff and the banks all fail, they will be able to buy and sell whole states. Okay, that was dark... how about everyone is going to have a really nice Christmas this year, that's not a bleak right?

Carla: Guns being shot and people being killed. This is Justified after all.

Nick: I'm sure a reasonable discourse will occur and everyone will go back to their respective stashes without any animosity or violence whatsoever.

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Justified Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Jody: You think this is the first time I had a gun pointed at me?
Raylan: No...could be your last though.

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