Justified Round Table: "Truth and Consequences"

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Raylan got duped and Boyd called out a duper on the latest episode of Justified Season 4.

How does our Round Table team of Jim Garner, Carla Day and Nick McHatton feel about "Truth and Consequences?" Read on for their Q&A and then chime in with your own answers below...


What was your favorite scene from "Truth and Consequences?"
Nick: Raylan's skepticism of Eve's "abilities."

Jim: I loved Art, Rachel and Raylan in Art's office. Both Rachel and Art took some good-natured digs at Raylan with some great humor mixed into it.

Carla: I'm going to be a rebel and go with my least favorite best scene -- the snake attack. That was horrific to watch, but at least it wasn't gratuitous. It served an important purpose and lead to an amazing snake off.

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Should Boyd have done more to stop Billy from picking up the Rattlesnake?
Nick: I thought Boyd genuinely attempted to stop Billy in the beginning, but Billy tried to blindly follow his faith in God and got bit.

Jim: Boyd did as much as he could, short of carrying the anti-venom on him. He stopped him physically and tried to warn him that his pride was running away with him.

Carla: The truly best option would have been for Boyd to take have taken his box and gone home, but this is Boyd. For him, he went out of his way to try to convince Billy not to handle the snake. That was mighty righteous of him. It ended up being a game of chicken with a snake rather than with cars and Cassie/Billy lost.

When Boyd revealed to the congregation that Cassie milked the snakes, did he expose a con in the works or just destroy some people's faith?
Nick: He did both because they go hand in hand. Cassie's milking of the venom (and Billy not knowing) is part of her con to gain followers in the church, and if the main showing is a fraud then some are going to lose faith.

Jim: Boyd revealed Cassie's manipulation for his own reasons, but an argument can be said that he was protecting the people of Harlan County. Sadly the truth may have had the side effect of damaging some people's faith. I suspect we will see Ellie May back at work soon.

Carla: I suspect both, but we won't really know how people react until they either show back up at the tent or not the next day.

Did Lindsey and her ex Raylan or should Raylan be worried that Lindsey is missing and could be in trouble?
Nick: It's hard to say since they both come from a con background, but I'm personally leaning towards both of them cleaning out Raylan and moving on. Either way it felt like she ran her course, so I'm happy she's gone.

Jim: I find it hard to believe that Lindsey would have been as honest about her previous law infractions with Raylan if she was planning on robbing him blind. I suspect that if she did go with her ex-husband it wasn't by choice.

Carla: I agree with Jim that Lindsey probably didn't go entirely on her own. However this is resolved though, I hope she's out of Raylan's life. Not a fan.

Should Raylan have been more sympathetic to Rachel leaving her husband?
Nick: Raylan was being Raylan with her, so no.

Jim: Raylan has been dealing with his own marriage having fallen apart and that his ex-wife is now pregnant with his child. If anyone could have been sympathetic, it would have been him. I guess he really is a "redneck" at heart and doesn't want to talk about feelings.

Carla: He's Raylan. He doesn't have feelings or empathy.

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