Justified Round Table: "Where's Waldo?"

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In his quest for the truth on Justified this week, Raylan ran into the Truths, especially eccentric characters, even for Harlan County.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Dan Forcella, Jim Garner, Nick McHatton and Carla Day break down "Where's Waldo?," debating their favorite scenes, quotes and a whole lot more...


What was your favorite scene from the episde?
Nick: Raylan and his quote, "I've got a six o' clock Pilates class I'd like to get to."

Jim: I really liked Art laying out how his office works and the pros and cons of each team member. It was a subtle way of telling us what everyone has been up to.

Dan: My favorite scene had to be Boyd at the church. You can't beat a good Boyd Crowder speech, can you?

Carla: No question! It was the preach off. Nice callback to Boyd's "misguided" preacher days.

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Is Ellen May really converting and would it make her a threat to Boyd and Ava?
Nick: She might be converting, but she's still nothing more than a pawn. The real threat is Billy because his converts are directly taking the money out of Boyd and Ava's legitimate and illegitimate businesses.

Jim: Religion is a powerful thing. I suspect that Ellen May would follow the congregation off a cliff right now. That said, she knows her goose would be cooked if she spilled what she knows.

Dan: Oh, absolutely. I don't think she's in any way bright enough to be doing anything other than converting head over heels.

Carla: Yes. And yes. She hasn't had the best life and this church is providing a way out. For someone in her situation, it's not easy to get away from her past and try to make a living doing something new. The church provides the opportunity to break out of her dreadful lot in life. She could be a threat to Boyd and Ava, but Ellen May could be easily swayed to keep her mouth shut.

Wynn Duffy made a return visit: scary as ever or still second to Quarles?
Nick: Yeah, he's still scary particularly because he has plenty of knowledge of what's going on with Arlo in prison.

Jim: He's back to being pretty damn scary. Jere Burns has always played that type of bad guy well, it's good to see him as alpha dog again.

Dan: Wynn who? Come on, he's a pussy cat. Robert Quarles was a rottweiler on steroids... with mental problems.

Carla: Scary for sure. While Quarles became worse through his drug use, Duffy is a clear-minded, calculated scary man.

Have you ever tried $200 a bottle Scotch?
Nick: Nope.

Jim: I had $15 a shot Scotch, I'm assuming it was close. Pretty smooth and it did a pretty good number on me after only two shots.

Dan: Every day. I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

Carla: No. I'm a writer. How would I afford that?

Lindsey is married: surprising or par for the course for Raylan?
Nick: Nothing new for Raylan!

Jim: A little of both. Raylan certainly seems to attract trouble, and Lindsey apparently isn't going to be any different.

Dan: Oh, you mean bartender, lady friend? Yeah, I was a bit surprised, but I am an easy one to shock. This isn't anything abnormal for our friend Raylan.

Carla: Not surprising. I don't care for their dalliance, so I hope it ends and quickly. But I doubt that will happen.

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