NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Crockett, Tubbs, Krafty and a Sign Spinner

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Has NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 dealt with more cases that aren't directly related to the military this season than in previous ones? It definitely seems that way..

"Drive" was one of those episodes. At least we were given two reasons why NCIS would handle the case, but both were marginal at best. Deeks received call in the middle of the night from a former public defender client.

Yes, Deeks was (is?) a lawyer. She had some crucial information to give him about a stolen car ring that was associated with terrorist activities overseas. Two connections: Deeks and the tie to terrorism.

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In this situation, the case was pretty much handled as a local police investigation into a stolen car ring and kidnapping. There wasn't a military tie-in and the only terrorist connection was unrelated to catching the criminals. Sure, I'm harping, but I much prefer when the episodes revolve around a military or national security case.

Despite that minor complaint, the set-up allowed for funnier than normal circumstances. There was no bomb to defuse or immediate threat to lives, so the focus could be on the situations. 

Kenzi's tough chick undercover act was scary good. She had the accent and the attitude and took down two guys without hesitation. It was no surprise that Esposito decided to give her a chance. Her stealing cars trick sealed the deal, plus her mad driving skills. She sold the role so well, he even wanted to date her. And,what an appropriate excuse she used to get out of it. Family. Way to go, Kensi! 

In contrast to Kensi's undercover work, Sam and Callen became "Crockett and Tubbs," as Eric referred to them. That saying that men look better in uniforms? Not Sam or Callen dressed up as cops. They just looked awkward and uncomfortable.

Poor Deeks was left outside the auto shop to spin a sign and fill Kensi's ear with miscellaneous tidbits. Though, he was the one that came through and put himself at risk when Kensi's cover was blown. He provided the few minutes needed for Callen and Sam to show up to provide back up. The hero was Jaime, who saved Kensi with the blow torch as she was being held at gun point. 

The NCIS team was able to shut down the car ring, save Jenny and even plant surveillance technology on the stolen cars going overseas. It ended up a big win for NCIS, especially with the new source of intelligence in the fight against terrorism. And they celebrated with a toast. Oh, wait, that was for Deeks' birthday. Happy Birthday, Deeks!

Odds and Ends

  • Note to self: Do not share your New Year's resolution with Sam. He will hound you and humiliate you when you fail.
  • Eric may need to go to Action Figure Anonymous. A couple grand? Wow.
  • Nell and Eric's surgical approach to the jump drive was hilarious. Too bad their patient was dead on arrival. Not much you can do with that.
  • Krafty - I hope that nickname sticks around for Kensi, though I doubt it will. Kensi the Krafty! Krafty Kensi! Nice ring to it.
  • Deeks walking into the auto shop spinning his sign with a sales pitch was hilarious. Unfortunately, it was short lived, but a nice delay tactic.
  • Kensi probably wished she took Deeks out for a birthday dinner. Oh, how awkward her "date" with Jaime and his overly optimistic mother became. Oops. I hope her gratitude doesn't extend to marriage and a baby carriage.

Drive Review

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