Revenge Round Table: "Collusion"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw Emily, Nolan and Aiden formulate their next moves, while Conrad took (selfish) interest in Jack Porter's tribulations and CEO Daniel vied for his next big score.

Below, TV Fanatic's Miranda Wicker, Kate Brooks Christine Orlando and Leigh Raines break down the various acts of "Collusion" and look ahead to February in our weekly Round Table Q&A.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Collusion"?

Miranda: I chuckled at Nolan's "Groucho Snarx" line, but there was something poetic about Aiden saying he could "subsist on hope." So it's a tie for me between those two quotes. As for a scene, I loved Emily asking Aiden to meet her at the beach and saying she needed an honest moment.

Leigh: Favorite scene was Emily and Nolan together at the end piecing it all together. Nothing is better than when these two team up and get all "revengey."

Christine: I actually liked the opening scene of Emily and Aidan on the beach. We don't often see Emily admit to needing someone. It made the end scene that much sadder.

Kate: I enjoyed the reveal of Nolan knowing that Padma was bad. Nice little twist.

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2. Emily and Daniel: Charming? Hot? Duplicitous? All of the above?

Miranda: Eh. After seeing Emily with Aiden, I'm not a fan of her with Daniel. Like I said in the review, she'll never be able to trust him or be her true self. So while they may look good together, it doesn't work for me.

Leigh: Now that I know Daniel was aware of Victoria pushing Emily to date him, I'm so much happier about it. Finally Daniel isn't the moron. He's in on it too. It makes me feel like it took a wall down between Emily and Daniel.

Christine: Charming. Like Leigh, I love that Daniel is in on it and is finally smarter than he looks. As much as I feel for Aidan, I still like Emily better with Daniel.

Kate: Duplicitous is closest to what I feel about it. In all honesty, I don't want it to happen.

3. Are Aiden and Emily over as a couple or is there still potential?

Miranda: I desperately want there to be potential for the two of them to work. Desperately.

Leigh: They're in a bad place right now, that's for sure. I'm not sure they can make it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, both of their revenge agendas come first and that will be the downfall of any relationship.

Christine: I think there's always potential but his sister being killed after he took Emily's advice... that's a tough one to get past. This dynamic duo may be done.

Kate: This broke my heart into a million pieces! I think their is potential but its still doomed in the end. It's depressing.

4. Colleen: Is she dead? How important is she to the story?

Miranda: I can't be sure. I still think there's a chance the girl in the video wasn't Colleen at all, but I also think there's a strong possibility the videos are old and she's been dead for a while. And I feel like she has to be VERY important to the story since Takeda sent Emily looking for her.

Leigh: That tape must have been old. I don't believe it was recent at all. I think it's really just a ploy to use Aiden.

Christine: On this show anything is possible. The footage could have been years old or she could still be alive somewhere. Either way, I doubt this is the last we've heard of Colleen.

Kate: I think she's vital to the story - that's Aiden's fuel. So as long as Aiden is a part of the story, she's important. I think she's still alive.

5. Nolan's plan to set up Padma: What's his endgame?

Miranda: Oh, Nolan. Poor, poor Nolan. Does anyone have as much bad luck in love as he does? Whatever his end game, it'll be fun to watch Padma figure out she's given the Initiative an incomplete program and then try to get the rest of it from Nolan since he knows what she's after.

Leigh: To screw her over obviously. But you know that Nolan can be a softie and get attached. He's gonna feel bad about taking her down. Lest we forget the whole Tyler fiasco from Revenge Season 1.

Christine: Right now, it's to take her down but as Leigh said, Nolan's a softie. Padma doesn't seem pure evil so my guess is that the Initiative has something on her and Nolan will fall prey to her sob story.

Kate: Exposing her and winning.

6. Revenge Season 2 at the halfway point: Grade it so far.

Miranda: I'm giving it a B- based on the Stowaway and Charlotte plots that have no bearing on the more important story of Emily's quest for revenge.

Leigh: It started off strong but now it's at a C+. Hate to say it but the show has gone downhill and I'm not enjoying The Initiative.

Christine: B. It's not as strong as the first season but the characters are helping the weaker plots. The Initiative plot still makes me roll my eyes and the only thing saving the Stowaway plot is that I have a crush on actor Michael Trucco.

Kate: Amazing! This show always seems to make me say "OMG" and when I see the promo for the next episode I always think that it's going to be the best episode yet. Keeps getting better and better.

7. Whose body will be found with the shipwrecked Amanda?

Miranda: I have no idea, but whomever it is, please don't let it be Aiden!

Leigh: Jack. Sorry to say it, but Jack. It's going to wreck Amanda and she will jump on the revenge train so fast. 

Christine: Can it PLEASE be Jack. He's been boring and annoying me for two seasons now. I've never felt any chemistry between him and Emily so that supposedly great love story falls flat. I'll cheer if he ends up on the bottom of the ocean floor. (insert evil laugh here.)

Kate: One of the brothers or at least I hope. That's the positive outcome so I'm probably wrong.

What do you think? Who will die on Revenge?

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