Scandal Round Table: "One for the Dog"

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Fitz is awake! Huck is free! Becky is behind bars! Scandal returned with "One for the Dog" and, with it, comes our TV Fanatic Round Table! 

Join staff writers Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines, Jim Garner and Miranda Wicker as we break down Scandal's most recent episode. Then be sure to sound off in the comments with your answers.


Is Hollis the mastermind behind the attempted assassination or is he working with someone else?

Christine: I doubt anyone could pull something like that off alone, even someone as entertainingly evil as Hollis.

Leigh: I believe Hollis is working with Sally. They are both shady as hell.

Jim: I've said it before, Hollis is behind it. I think Sally has suspicions, but it seems pretty clear Hollis is this for power and finding the shortest path to that power.

Miranda: I really, really think Verna's playing a bigger role in a lot of this than she's leading people to believe. Hollis and Verna both had more to gain, and therefore more to lose, by participating in the vote tampering. My money's on them being in on it together.

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Mellie's decision to forge Fitz' signature: smart or stupid?

Christine:  Both. It was brilliant in that it bought them time and had the world scrambling to buy any tidbit of information about the President but  if he didn't wake up Mellie was screwed. Still, I admire her. The woman's got some serious balls to make that play. Never cross Mellie.

Leigh: Stupid. I think Mellie, Liv, and Cyrus only have so much power. I don't think she thought it through.

Jim: Both, while it did buy them some time, as pointed out, it had a higher chance of blowing up in their faces. 

Miranda: Another vote for both. If that scheme had worked out, it would've been great. But it was also incredibly stupid because now Fitz has to clean up Mellie's mess.

How hard will it be for Huck to heal from this?

Christine:  Huck's been to Hell before. He knows the way back.

Leigh: Huck has been through a lot so I think he will be okay overall. However, I don't think he'll be dating again anytime soon.

Jim: Huck will heal just fine. As Leigh pointed out, he probably won't date again anytime soon, but I suspect we will see our favorite Huck back soon enough.

Miranda: I feel like Huck has earned a vacation. A nice, long, relaxing vacation. Maybe some time away would do him good because I don't see how he goes back to being the almost-happy Huck we met when Scandal Season 1 debuted last Spring if he jumps right back into the thick of things.

Will Quinn ever get to have that conversation with Olivia now that Fitz is awake?

Christine:  Quinn's gotten this close, she's not letting this thing go now. She'll keep making a nuisance of herself until she gets answers.  The question is, will Olivia tell her the truth?

Leigh: She will but not for a few weeks at least. Liv's face when Fitz called and woke up was the only thing that mattered.

Jim: Quinn is becoming strong and stronger each week, and I don't see her letting this conversation go very long. Hopefully she will give Olivia a little time to celebrate Fitz' waking up and then pin her down for the conversation again. 

Miranda: I'm ready for Quinn to shed some of the jitters she still has around Olivia and toughen up a little. And then demand that conversation instead of timidly ask for it. Confidence is key, Quinn. 

Was showing Huck being tortured necessary, or would a little allusion have gone a long way? 

Christine:  The violence didn't bother me in either scene because it was important to the story.  I hate it when show's have gory or violent scenes just for the sake of being able to show it. I didn't feel that was the case here.

Leigh: Coming off of seeing Zero Dark Thirty I wasn't that shocked but I can see how some people would say it's really violent for television.

Jim: Who am I to judge how a show it put together? If I don't like what I see, I have 500 other channels to watch. I was more disturbed by Dr. Romano losing his arm on ER more than anything in this episode. 

Miranda: Ugh. Dr. Romano and his arm!! That takes me back! I think I'll sit on the other side of the fence on this one and say that yes, alluding to his torture would've been enough. After all, like Hitchcock once said and I paraphrase, the audience can create a far worse monster in their minds than any that can be shown on film. We don't have to see how gruesome things can be to imagine them.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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