Suits Review: Rehab

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As I speculated after “Blind-Sided,” it appears there is "Blood in the Water" - and Pratt and Gould wasted no time in seizing upon the wound.

Yes, the civil war on Suits is far from over, but perhaps as this episode demonstrated, there might be hope for the troubled firm yet.

Blood in the Water Scene

It’s about time the internal struggles of the firm manifested themselves in external consequences, such as an exodus of associates and clients. Though the competing firm is clearly not playing by the rules, and, if anything, might merely be a cover for another phase of the war. With Allison Holt seemingly at the helm, speculation regarding this recent assault should be no surprise.

Luckily for Harvey, he had a bit of an inside track in Trent Devon, whose reservations about the deal he was being offered presented Harvey an opportunity to get a closer look into what Allison and company had up their sleeves.

Needless to say, their offer wasn’t without its ulterior motives, as Trent’s company was going to get sold for what Mike described as “spare parts.”

Even as Pearson and Hardman was falling apart, there was still room for teamwork amongst some members of the firm, like Mike and Louis. For all intents and purposes, Louis’ last act at the firm would have been helping Mike uncover the shortcomings of the financial projections in Trent’s offer, which eventually paid off in dividends for Louis later in the episode.

The tension that’s been building between Harvey and Louis finally came to a head with Harvey ripping Louis for his most recent string of deceptions, though the ultimate blow was clearly his accusation that Louiswas behind the firm’s most pressing predicament.

It shouldn’t have surprised any of us that such vitriol sent Louis running straight to Pratt and Gould. I almost felt bad that Allison practically called him damaged goods whose only real chance at becoming a partner elsewhere would come from a strong demonstration of loyalty to Pratt and Gould, very likely at Pearson/Hardman’s expense.

Having Jessica take Louis’ letter of resignation was a nice moment between the two of them. I think, for once, Louis received the sincere acknowledgement he always wanted from Jessica, even though it came seemingly too late to change his mind.

That moment was only complimented by Harvey unceremoniously ripping his letter of resignation and wordlessly leaving Louis’ half-packed office. That action alone was a sincere demonstration from Harvey that the bridges between them are done burning - at least for now. Whether it was a sincere action, or simply a move made to stop the bleeding is unclear. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that he’s staying.

The exact opposite is true for poor Harold, whose abrupt termination was rather heartbreaking. I almost thought that perhaps we’d get to see him again. When Mike offered him to Jimmy as a potential hire for Pratt and Gould, however, it seemed like the chances of that were close to zero. Besides, who expects all those associates abandoning ship to come back so soon anyway?

Other highlights from this episode:

  • Donna deducing the weekend Harvey had simply from the time he arrived at work.
  • Jessica calling Harvey out for being distracted by the Zoe situation, much like Mike was and still is distracted by the loss of Grammie.
  • Mike vacuuming up the weed in his apartment.
  • Constant accusations by Harvey that Mike still hadn’t gotten his “shit together.”

What do you think the future holds for our favorite firm?

Blood in the Water Review

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