Supernatural Round Table: "LARP and the Real Girl"

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Felicia Day returned to Supernatural for an especially fun hour of television last week, as "LARP and the Real Girl" introduced some Live Action Role Playing into the Winchester universe.

And the TV Fanatic universe!

Below, Round Table panelists Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day, Sean McKenna and Alice Jester (from The Winchester Family Business) discuss their favorite scene from the episode and a whole lot more. Gather around now!


Favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Carissa: Seriously, I can't pick one because the entire episode was so much fun. Since you're twisting my arm, it was Sam, "And you're right. Having fun won't help. It will help both of us. Shall we?" Off into the Braveheart-esque scene which must have been a dream come true for Dean. The interruption by the Frisbee was epic.

Carla: Like others said the end was amazing. I also loved when the guys walked in on Charlie and the fairy getting it on. That was hilarious.

Alice: Definitely the final scene. That is one for the ages, will go down in history as one of the series greatest. I don’t know what I loved more, the whole Braveheart speech, Dean in that outrageous wig and warpaint, or Sam with a ponytail! The scene, and that final freeze frame, was a true fangirl’s dream. 

Sean: There was so much to choose from but Charlie throwing the bean bags to use her magic powers was funny. From the actual LARPer to the actual "bad guy," both moments were hilarious. And yes, that final Braveheart scene nailed the fun aspect for Sam and Dean again.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you enjoy the return of Charlie?
Carissa: Yes. Firstly, anything Felicia does guarantees a lighthearted bent, and it was badly needed this season. Secondly, she fits perfectly on Supernatural and into their bizarre world.

Carla: Absolutely! She needs to be recurring character. The guys could use a new regular partner and Charlie would be a good fit. She brings a humor that no other characters has and has a fun chemistry with the brothers.

Alice: Yes, she’s one of the strongest, if not the strongest, female characters this show has had.  Given the fact that I’m an IT gal too (a rarity in the tech world, trust me), I get her inner geek. Okay no, I wouldn’t go LARPing in the park every other week, but she knows how to take advantage of fun opportunities and be happy. It is good to be Queen! I hope to see her again in the future.

Sean: I hope to see her again too. She's very sister-like to the brothers and her unique geeky humor adds something that we normally don't get on the show. She especially worked in this more lighthearted type of episode.

Should Sam and Dean have more "fun" in the episodes or just every now and then?
Carissa: Yes. Humor has always been one of their strong points, so they should never get so dark that they lose their ability to enjoy each other and make fun of their circumstances.

Carla: Just about every episode should have a lighter moment or two, but full out fun episodes should come around only occasionally. With the exception of the comic episode this season has been a very dark, so this was a pleasant departure.

Alice: I’d like to see them joking around more like they did in the earlier seasons. Just watching season two and three you’ll see Sam smiling a lot more. Better yet, can’t they go on a beach vacation for once?  Winchesters in swim trunks...oh, that would explode the fandom.

Sean: I'd really just like to see them joking with each other again, and I know I've brought it up, but perhaps another prank war. I know they get into serious drama and serious problems, but it's nice to see them act like brothers who enjoy being around each other. Sometimes it's nice to see that goofy side to them.

What did you think of the LARP setting for the story?
Carissa: It reminded me a lot of the movie Role Models, which I loved immensely. Since I never knew Dean would have such an avid interest in the idea, as soon as his eyes lit up, so did mine!

Carla: Perfect. Loved it. Unlike some of the "funny" episodes, I enjoyed that this one was held within a realistic setting. Crazy, at times, but circumstances that could be realistic.

Alice: It was bizarre, but I loved it. Bizarre seems to follow these guys a lot, and I like how pretend play usually ends up hitting too close to reality. I especially loved how Dean was really into it, but had to downplay his excitement for Sam’s sake.  He so wanted to join in on the fun and went all out when he finally could.

Sean: It was odd for sure, but this show has all ranges of crazy and weird. I think it worked for what it was and even gave us a side to Dean we never knew was in him? For freedom!

Any fun stories you'd like to see Sam and Dean get involved in?
Carissa: The thing that is so great about Supernatural is that it doesn't matter what I say here. They can get into the darkest story I can imagine and bring humor to it, or they can get take a very light story and make it dark. It's all up to the writers. My personal favorites never lose sight of the humor of even the most dire situations, so if they can do that, I'll devour anything they throw at me.

Carla: A spaceship would be insanely awesome. How about a comic con episode? They've done a fan con, but one that includes other fandoms would be a blast.

Alice: The possibilities are endless! I remember Ben Edlund telling us at Comic Con how he has this idea of Sam and Dean actually being on the spaceship. I’d like to see that! I’d like to see other volumes of the “Supernatural” books mysteriously found, and Sam and Dean have to deal with fans going nuts over their latest adventures. Edlund also said there’s always a place for these types of stories, and I’ll never tire of them. Keep them coming guys!

Sean: There really are so many ways this show can go for stories outside the box. Sam and Dean as superheroes? Sam and Dean going Freaky Friday with each other? Leave it to the writers to give us wild episodes like that whether it's spoofing, serious, action packed, or drama heavy.

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