The Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Kat Graham Teases "Rebellion," Supports The Witch and The Know-It-All

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Bonnie Bennett is smack dab in the middle of pretty much everything in Mystic Falls these days.

She's plotting with Shane to revive Silas. She's dealing with a returning father. She's trying not to stare for too long at Jeremy's growing muscles.

That's a lot for one woman to take, even one with supernatural powers, as Kat Graham just teased to me over the phone.

"Bonnie is going to get pushed in a way that will make her react," the actress said, careful not to reveal too much about tonight's "Catch Me If You Can" and adding that the character's actions will "surprise everyone."

Shane with Bonnie

Bonnie, of course, was in for a surprise herself on last Thursday's winter premiere, as her father didn't just come back to town… he was elected Mayor!

"If you've ever had an absentee father, you ask 'Why return now? Where were you when I needed you?'" Graham said of how Bonnie will react to her dad's presence, making her similar to many young ladies in her position, with a notable exception:

"Bonnie has already saved the town," Graham explained. "She'll be in for a rebellion with her father, challenging him with: 'I'm a hero! You're the Mayor? So what?!?'"

Look for Bonnie's father and her father figure, Professor Shane, to also cross paths in the near future, with the dueling dads "having an exchange of words" over their visions of who Bonnie is and what she should become.

"Who is she turning into with Shane?" Graham asks. "Is he empowering her? Taking power from her through manipulation? We still don't have those answers."

It's true. But Bonnie and Shane are on the same team for now. So, why should viewers wager on this squad to find the cure before Team Klaus/Damon and Team Stefan/Rebekah? The actress keeps it simple:

"Bonnie is a witch and Shane is a know-it-all. I'd always bet on the witch and the know-it-all."

Finally, there's one more relationship in Bonnie's life to address. Where do things stand with Jeremy? What sparks might be flying in their future?

"You're gonna see them come together with a purpose," Graham said. "With an objection. And the questions will be asked and answered: Does he really have her back? Does she have his? Are they really true loves?"

In closing, with all this talk of a Vampire Diaries spinoff, has the actress ever considered what would happen if Bonnie went her own way? Her fans certainly have, as they've already cast The Servants of Nature. But what would Graham title a hypothetical Bonnie Bennett-based spinoff?

The star laughed and replied: "I think they already tried that. It was called The Secret Circle."

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