Beauty and the Beast Producer Previews Pivotal Episode Ahead, Possible Death

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Last night’s Beauty and The Beast featured the show's first Valentine’s Day episode, replete with sweet gestures, flash mobs and, of course, some life and death situations.

Following an early screening of “Trust No One," Executive Producer Brian Peterson sat down to talk about some of what we saw, while also giving us a look ahead to next Thursday's pivotal episode, “Tough Love.”

Smiling Cat

Why the Valentines Flash Mob? Peterson said he and the writers loved the idea of showing Vincent and JT’s varied approaches to the perfect Valentine’s gift. “The idea of the flash mob came up and we were like ‘that’s awesome’ because it’s so relevant right now for something that, especially JT [as] an online person, would be so aware of."

For Vincent, he went out on the romantic ledge, so to speak, with one goal in mind: “Seeing the joy on his face watching Catherine enjoy it."

Have we seen the last of Alex? While her future was not clear in last night’s episode, Peterson hinted, “there’s a chance she could show up again.” And if you were someone leaving not-so-positive comments about Alex’s presence,, Peterson saw this as a good thing.

“For me, that meant that they were really invested in Cat and Vincent and they were really rooting for them, which is what I want…so the fact that they would hate someone stepping in and moving in on her territory, for me means that everything is working just right and people are investing the way we want them to in our two leads.”

More issues for Cat and Vincent We all saw how quickly Vincent ran back to Alex a few weeks back and Cat is not going to forget that anytime soon…nor will her spirited sister. “You’ll see, especially in the next episode [that] it will cause some internal conflict with, obviously, Heather," Peterson said, adding that, in terms of Cat and Vincent, they’ll be fielding more drama and danger when "every other part of the show starts to implode on them in the external world as far as the other people in their lives, at the precinct and Muirfield...

"It all kind of comes back in right when they’re trying to figure their own relationship out.”

More coming for Tess If you’re a fan of Cat’s partner, you’re going to like what’s coming: “She’s going to have a really interesting journey in these next few episodes in her relationship with Cat, her relationship with Joe and with her relationship with the vigilante.” Also, watch for Joe to feel torn between his desire to be with Tess and his child from his marriage (even though, hey, she’s in an institution!)

Who Is Good? Who Is Bad? “Good and bad is so relative, right,” Peterson said. “I think you can trust for the most part why people are doing what they’re doing. For the most part, what they’re saying their doing is valid right now on the show.”

Evan’s devotion to Cat = TROUBLE Evan may only want to continue to protect Cat, but it could land him six feet under if he’s not careful. For him, Peterson teased,  it will be, ‘Why is this person I care about doing all these dumb things?’ so he’s in that position of ‘I need to protect her from herself, basically’ and so he’s going to continue to protect her in ways and get involved in things he should never get involved in, all to protect Cat.”

New Romance? We saw the sparks fly last night between Joe’s brother, Darius, and Cat’s sister, Heather 0 and there’s more to come. “In the next episode, everything gets turned on its head,” said Peterson. “[Darius] will be a huge part of episode 13.”

The producer also said next week’s episode is the most pivotal of the series: “The tragedy of Vincent’s nature and his instinct to protect switches everything up.” Asked if we’ll see any characters killed off, which Jay Ryan has hinted at, Peterson paused and then said:

“That could happen.”

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