Being Human Review: Beware The Trojan Horse

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It's been a while since the title was so apt, but "What's Blood Got To Do With It" couldn't have been more perfect, especially when the many allusions to blood during the episode kept the real twist hidden at the end.

Nora was missing from the episode completely, leaving Josh to try to deal with what turned out to be a situation well out of his control. Aidan was at the center of the hour, with Sally providing some thrills of her own.

The lovely thing about Aidan being over 200 years old is every time he meets someone new and wants to share a slice of his life story, he can bring Bishop back to life for us, if only on the screen. He's alluded to the war and when he was turned many times before, but there is always more color to the story each time he talks about it. And more Bishop. All hail Mark Pellegrino!

Bishop's Bach to War

The entire Aidan/Kenny relationship continued on a fun path this week as they both questioned each other about the myths of what they were; Kenny for real, wondering if he could turn into a bat or mist, and Aidan jokingly in response, as shown in this Being Human quote:

Aidan: Kenny. Why don't you just wear a space suit? Boy In The Plastic Bubble. John Travolta. Oh, and there was that Seinfeld episode. I sure learned a ton... | permalink

Looking back at how close we came to an obsession with bubbly boys, I'd like to thank the American people for choosing vampires. That was a close call. Try to imagine a world full of hot, sexy bubble boys. Yeah, I thought not.

Kenny didn't threaten Aidan with exposure like I thought he might, but with his own exposure. He'll walk out of the bubble after his next birthday, either as a vampire or just to die of whatever gets him first. I can't say I blame him. He's essentially in prison, without having committed a crime. It's hard to believe nobody has come up with a cure for that yet.

Sally's story took a shocking turn this week when her brother, Robby (played by Meghan Rath's real life brother, Jesse Rath), showed up at the townhouse as our little family's new landlord. It happened at a time when Max was questioning why Sally was able to share her life and issues with her roommates, but not with him. She tried to hide from Robby, but it was inevitable the would run into each other eventually. That left Sally with no other option than to go to the witch that brought her back.

Sally made a deal with Donna to save her brother and remove her curse. In doing so she catapulted herself into a Winchester type situation. She promised her soul to Donna, and has no idea what she will do with it once she gets it. If it's anything like what we saw in the past, she'll eat it. Isn't there some sort of demonic being out there that eats souls?

Sally and Max are so cute together. Maybe it's because he was a virgin that he's so willing to give her chance after chance, but I hope they make it a few more episodes, at least.

Of course, none of that was worth much of anything comparison to learning Erin was, indeed, a mole planted by Liam to kill Aidan. Whether she was there because he knows about Connor or just because he's one the last living powerful vampires remains to be seen.

Josh was trying so hard to be a good father figure, doing it without the presence of Nora (where the hell was she?) and it was not an easy task. Erin was playing the teenager role to the hilt, but it was all a ruse. She poisoned Aidan's blood supply with hers. I know vamps don't take well to werewolf blood, but I don't recall that type of reaction to his drinking from Josh. Was she poisoning herself to further harm Aidan? I might have missed something in my excitement over Bishop.

Nothing good ever comes from a pack mentality. We all learn that, and Erin and Liam are proving it true beyond a doubt!

What's Blood Got To Do With It Review

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