Cult Stars Tease New Episode, Wonder: Who Can You Trust?

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Trust is difficult to find on Cult. With all the crazy happenings, it's not surprising that no one wants to believe what's going on.

In the Cult premiere, Matt Davis' Jeff couldn't get the police to even consider that his brother was abducted, so why would anyone else believe him?

When he met the show's research assistant, Jessica Lucas' Skye, Jeff found someone that bought his story and wanted to help in the search for Nate - but would they be able to really trust each other? 

Last year, when Cult was still in production, TV Fanatic visited the set in Vancouver (trip provided by Warner Bros. TV) to interview the show's cast, as Davis and Lucas discussed Jeff and Skye's skepticism regarding the odd situations they witnessed and the cautious relationship between the two leads.

On the Cult Case

Is Jeff a believer right away? Or is he more skeptical?

Davis: It's a bit of both. Right away he's skeptical, but then so much happens so quickly that it's impossible for him to remain skeptical. He quickly gives into the notation that it's true and he's one of the few people who sees it. And, he has to warn the others somehow that it's true at the risk of looking crazy. So, he's constantly aware what he's going through is crazy and [that] trying to talk to anyone outside who doesn't know, he looks like a madman. He quickly buys into the true believerness of it all.

Is Skye skeptical about the show and the reality of people disappearing?

Lucas: I think Skye has a lot more evidence than Jeff does. If anything, I would say Jeff is more the skeptical one. And, Skye, because she works on the show and has been researching this whole phenomenon actually a lot longer than Jeff, that she has a lot more information than him. And, so she’s not very skeptical. She’s sort of the driving force of -- this is really crazy, what's going on?

Does Jeff trust Skye?

Davis: In the second episode, ["In the Blood"], there's a big scene in which it dawns on him that everything he knows about the show is through her. That she's been the one feeding him all this information. So, there's a scene when all of that comes to a head. There's a confrontation where she finally admits to him why she's there, what she has at stake, and where she's coming from.

Lucas: There's a scene that happens in episode 2 where Skye sort of explains more of the reasons why she's there and why she's fully on Jeff's side. And, that moment is their sort of bonding point and they fully trust each other from that point on.

Is Skye the only one Jeff can really talk to about what's happening then?

Davis: Everyone [they] meet is always a suspect. They do have allies that they meet along the way, along the road, but it's always the notation of how much can they trust them and earn each other's trust along the way, but primarily, it's just the two of them. 

Cult airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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