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It was time for a road trip on this week's Girls. However, don't get too excited: "Video Games" was a little bit of a depressing episode.

Okay, it was A LOT depressing and it ended with one of our girls on the run again.

Jessa and Father

Jessa took Hannah on a trip upstate this week to confront her massive Daddy Issues. Jessa was cranky and bitchy from the moment her absentee father was late to pick the girls up from the train station. All Hannah did was agree to come with her. Sheesh!

It's not lame that it bothers Hannah that Jessa's father is late to pick them up. Considering all the crap Hannah goes through that weekend, she is a pretty damn good friend and not so selfish for once. For instance: almost dying in the car while everyone was doing whippits, getting stranded in like 10 different places, and then eating a rabbit that she had been petting five minutes earlier was an awful assortment of activities.

I can tell you right now, Mitchell from Modern Family would not have been down with that rabbit situation, even if he was psyched to see the hilarious Rosanna Arquette. He specifically told Cam about going to Missouri I don't wanna meet anything on Monday that I'm gonna eat on Friday. Hannah didn't get that memo until she saw the physical rabbit carcass on her plate. 

I feel like Jessa went to the worst possible place she could go to get over her failed marriage. She loved Thomas John. I finally feel like I understood Jessa and how she loves in this episode. You see why she is the way she is, what makes her tick. Why would she visit the man who instilled all the crappy issues she has with males and abandonment in her life? I guess in a way she needed to confront everything. However, all it led to was her taking off again and leaving Hannah to navigate her way back to Manhattan.

By the way, Hannah and the UTI business...gross. I'm not a gynecologist but maybe washing your underwear and not wearing the grodiest undergarments would help with a bacterial situation. Also having sex in a graveyard with a creepy dude was probably not in anyone's best interest. 

And I'm starving because all you have to eat in your house is your pet rabbit and I'm an undiagnosed hypoglycemic. Then we come into this graveyard and I feel like we're in Hocus Pocus and Thora Birch is gonna come and wear her little hat. | permalink

While there were definitely some funny moments in this episode and some good lines, it was overall a depressing installment. Will you miss Jessa? Will she be back? Would you parents think you were nuts if you called them the way Hannah did? Mine might. Hit the comments! 

Video Games Review

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