How I Met Your Mother Review: Crazy Stupid Love

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Tonight on How I Met Your Mother, Ted reaffirmed that Jeanette was indeed the final hurdle in route to meeting his wife.

I figured "Bad Crazy" would mark the end of Abby Elliot's stint on the show, but on Lily's recommendation, it seemed like Ted was going to let he stick around awhile. This latest development cast the spotlight on Ted's character flaws. The focus has always been on him finding the right woman. What we saw here, though, was that the biggest thing standing in his way was himself.  

Robin & Marvin

Aside from a few memorable How I Met Your Mother quotes, Barney - along with Marshall - took a back seat to Robin and Lily, who were the focus of the second major storyline. Kudos to those two on looking simply fabulous all those years from now. I very much liked what appeared to be a conscious effort by Cobie Smulders to keep Robin's left hand hidden in all those flash forward scenes. I'm confident she and Barney eventually do get married, but the blatant hiding of the ring finger had me wondering just how long their union lasts. 

Ted continued to deliver in what has been perhaps his strongest season ever. It's not every day you get to hook up with a beautiful woman while wearing a Boba Fett costume, so I could hardly blame the guy for caving the way he did. As for Jeanette yelling at the hockey ref, I would have gotten kicked out of the arena as well. I love a woman who is borderline obsessed with sports. 

If Barney was right and crazy girls are crazy just because they are crazy, the same case could be made for Mike Tyson. Crazy or not, he still was a funny surprise as the "old lady" who came to Robin's rescue. As outlandish as it may seem, I actually wouldn't put it past Robin to take an infant into a strip club to get out of the cold. 

It was nice to see little Marvin get some more screen time instead of just referenced by his parents. Normally I hang on every word Barney utters, but as he sat there playing with his clock, I couldn't help but stare at that adorable little Eriksen happily hopping in his jumperoo. Hard to believe Barney could ever be upstaged, let alone by a character who didn't even utter a single line. Well done, tiny Marvin, on a commendable performance. 

So Ted and Jeanette are going to remain crazy in love for awhile longer it seemed. Will the next few episodes focus solely on their relationship, or will we get to watch Robin and Barney prepare for their big day? 

Bad Crazy Review

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Lily: You took my infant child to a strip club?
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