Justified Round Table: "The Bird Has Flown"

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This week's episode of Justified may have focused on a handful of chicken, but it was Ellen May who flew the coop to conclude "The Bird Has Flown."

In our latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staffers Dan Forcella, Jim Garner, Carla Day and Nick McHatton gather around to break down their favorite scenes and a lot more...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Dan: For some sick reason, I loved watching Raylan get the tar beat out of him by Randall. There is something so real about seeing our hero get destroyed. He's not superhuman, but he's still awesome, and that's why it is still great to watch him struggle.

Jim: I loved Raylan shooting Randall after he brought up chickens again. Raylan has always been a man of his word and this was no exception and fun!

Nick: Rachel giving Raylan the shotgun, along with the banter between the two of them.

Carla: Raylan shooting the bean bag gun at Randall. He deserved much worse for his idiocy and for stealing from Raylan. At least Raylan didn't use a real gun with bullets as he normally would.

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Is Raylan done with "side jobs?"
Dan: For now, absolutely. Forever and always, probably not. He will at some point get side tracked, and it will probably get him into more trouble, but for now, all he should do is work and sleep.

Jim: I thought it was interesting he didn't mention the money was for the baby in any conversation. I agree with Dan that he's probably done for the near future, but will come back around.

Nick: I think he has to be considering where all his side job money went after the fact. I've always preferred Raylan skirting the lines within the context of being marshall not going outside the boundaries.

Carla: Probably. It didn't work out well for him. Now that it looks like people on the job know, it's much riskier. It's a situation that could cost him much more than a few bucks. Without his job, Raylan would be lost in the world.

Is Rachel beginning to emulate Raylan a little bit more?
Dan: In so much that she is a sarcastic bad ass? You betcha!

Jim: Dan, you forgot about her hitting the "chicken dealer" after warning him she would, that was such a Raylan move! Honestly, between the new look (love the leather jacket) and the new attitude she just needs a hat to be "Rachel Givens."

Nick: You can't argue with Raylan's results, so it's not exactly surprising to see Rachel emulate him a little more. But even if she acts a little more like him before work she's still very much by the book.

Carla: She's starting to work towards to the outer limits of the lines, but she hasn't crossed them yet. The longer she's around Raylan and seeing his successes, the more likely she will follow in his footsteps.

Where did Ellie May disappear to?
Dan: Ellen May isn't as dumb as she is (copyright Alex Kerkovich). She smelled the bad coming her way so she did the only thing she could think of... run away and not look back. She likely has no idea where she should make her way to, but that's what will make her difficult to find!

Jim: I'll bet even money that Cassie picked her up. Be it luck she was driving by or having followed them, Cassie is my first choice for wanting to keep Ellie May breathing. 

Nick: I'm sure she found a nice pop up church somewhere else.

Carla: Good question. She could have run and probably did, but it would be more interesting if she was taken by Cassie.Ellen May seemed to by what Colt told her and it would be stretching realism for her to think differently on her own.

Four episodes into this season, do you miss Winona?
Dan: No, I get to see her every Monday on The Following!

Jim: Yes and no, she wasn't as crazy as Lindsey, so I miss her there, but past that not really. I like the character but she wasn't being used very well.

Nick: Yes, I've always liked her character, but I'm with Dan. I enjoy watching her on The Following.

Carla: Absolutely. She grounded Raylan. It wasn't much,but it was enough that it made a difference. He's a better and happier man with her around. Though, I miss Raylan in Harlan County more. His interactions with his hometown folk created a tension that's been missing this season, especially between Raylan and Boyd.

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