Katie Lowes Teases "New Layer" on Scandal, Prepares Fans for HuckleberryQuinn

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Tonight’s episode of Scandal is titled “Boom Goes The Dynamite.”

Does this refer to a literal explosion? An emotional one? Some sort of combination? The way Scandal Season 2 is going, it could be absolutely anything, really.

Katie Lowes - who is currently showing some darker shades as Quinn pairs up with Huck - jumped on the phone with us yesterday to tease the upcoming installment. Are Quinn’s motivations with Olivia on the up and up? Is she ready for some loving? And with whom would Lowes like to see Quinn mix it up? Let’s find out…

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TV Fanatic: What is Quinn’s piece of this episode?
Katie Lowes: Quinn has been taken under Huck’s wing and we saw in the last episode that she learned how to do ‘clean-up’ and Huck and Quinn’s relationship has been building since she asked him to kill Hollis for $5,000... her storyline is building on that and you’re going to see a new layer to their relationship. And we’re calling it #HuckleberryQuinn! It will be in effect for sure, and there’s a new layer to that which I can definitely tease as I’m excited about it.

TVF: What does Huck bring out in Quinn? She seems to be embracing a darker side.
KL: She thinks the work he does is cool and scary and interesting at the same time. But I think it’s more that Quinn is just really looking for a place to fit in and looking to be good at something and looking to find her place at Olivia Pope & Associates [OPA]. She hasn’t had that yet. She was the newbie for a long time and after the trial and being part of the center of this whole conspiracy theory with the election rigging and her boyfriend Jesse Tyler [played by Lowes' husband, Adam Shapiro].

She had to give up a lot and Huck was the person who really asked her one final time, ‘If you get $5000 to kill Hollis Doyle for revenge you can’t be a gladiator in a suit.’ Huck, for her, is finding a place at OPA.

TVF: Quinn declared her allegiance for Olivia in the past few episodes and brought the team back together but does she have her own reasons for wanting to sticky by Olivia?
KL: Absolutely! And I think the show has shown time and time again that nothing is as it seems and nothing is black or white and I think that’s what’s special about the show.  Every character is humanly flawed in every way and every hero is an anti-hero. For sure, you can’t trust Quinn at all. Her motives for staying at OPA are very complicated and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of that at all.

TVF: You talked about Quinn making the choice to not go back to her old life, but does her old life ever creep its way back in?
KL: That’s a great question and I can tell you…[pause]…she’s definitely written it off that she can never go back and live there but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have thoughts about what’s going on there, for sure.

TVF: Quinn does not have the best track record with the men, right?
KL: [shouts] No she has not! She’s a Black Widow spider! She just kills off any dude that is remotely sexual towards her!

TVF: What does Quinn need in her life in the romantic sense? Is it Huck? A new guy? Becoming a lesbian, maybe?
KL: I mean, seriously! Lesbian is a good option! I think that that is not her focus at this point. I think she is still trying to find where she belongs and the fact that she can’t go home…losing Jesse and all of it coming back up again so much so with Hollis and she just figured out and put the pieces together of everything that happened. I don’t think she’s feeling extraordinarily sexy. We are at a 10-month jump ahead and in Shondaland anything is possible so who knows? I could be taking my clothes off next week!

TVF: If you were writing an episode, who would you like to see Quinn in more scenes with?
KL: I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with this whole storyline that started last week of HuckleberryQuinn. I couldn’t be happier. I love Guillermo Diaz so much and he’s one of the most incredible actors I’ve ever worked with so I couldn’t be happier to be mentored by him and that [Huck] thought I was a natural last week.

But, really, I would like to be in that White House, man! I mean, I would like to have scenes with Cyrus and Tony Goldwyn. Not to speak poorly of my OPA, I love them and we really would all go over a cliff for each other [but] Jeff Perry [Cyrus] was my acting teacher when I was 19 at Steppenwolf  summer school. He’s my acting teacher still now, I take scene study class with him. It would be out of control if I got to work with Cyrus Beene, for sure. I don’t know why we would ever mix up but someday maybe

TVF: What’s something that’s happened on the show that has truly shocked you? Either with Quinn or someone else?
KL: Oh my God. For me, the first that comes to my mind is when we were all at the table read and we’d never read the script before and it was episode 13 of this season when Olivia tells the President that she’ll wait and the President says to her, ‘yeah, who cares? I’m not into it anymore.’ He flippantly throws her off and then right then he kills Verna. That was other level! But, I have to say, we just read a script yesterday for episode #217 that we’re starting to shoot and, oh my God, it has to deal something with my life personally and I can’t even say right now but it blew me out of the water. Maybe we’ll talk again then and I can tell you what it is.

TVF: Anything else to look forward with this week’s episode?
KL: For me, I think the storyline for tomorrow night’s episode is so fascinating because we all know that it happens all the time. The cast that OPA happens all the time in politics and in the entertainment industry. I don’t think it’s look at very often so I think it’s really just a hidden dark and dirty world and I think it’s really exciting and fun.

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