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After five episodes, it seems pretty obvious that even with the little bits of continuity sprinkled in, Legit dishes out its unique brand of comedy by simply giving viewers a variety of snippets that become immediately humorous because of the characters involved.

Where "Anger" centered around flying and the crazy but simple situations everyday people can get involved with, "Justice" switched it up and spun a trial case on its head like an episode of Law & Order you've never seen before.

Steve & Jim Testify

The whole case in question evolved out of a home invasion because two men happened to think that Jim was a drug dealer. And from the variety of people in and out, Jim never working (okay, okay, he's a comedian for a living), and sauntering in and out without pants, their logic sort of made sense.

And then it got a little weird because you'd think that being attacked in your house, especially in this day and age, would be anything but funny. There's certainly a sense of danger, but at the same time, because of Jim, Steve and Billy, the whole moment did become truly funny.

First, there was the minuscule amount of cocaine to the one joint, followed by Billy talking smack because even though he can't move, he has no fear. Then there was the fact that Jim won't claim that Peggy is his girlfriend while she's supposed to be hiding under the covers despite crying over her ruined hair straightener.

And of course, it wouldn't be Legit without Jim and Steve trying not to get killed by telling the criminals they both have kids. Jim is more so the liar, with his imaginary kid having cancer, in an effort to simply one up Steve to live.

But it's the court room trial, that switched back and forth to reveal what happened, which took the cake.

Dan Bakkedahl really stood out as Steve in this episode simply because of his nervousness and inability to keep his mouth shut. Not only did he sweat profusely, but he began telling all of the crimes he'd committed, such as steal a Casper the Ghost comic book or smoking a joint that one time.

Except he wasn't on trial and Jim's head bang to the table made it even funnier.

There was even a similar moment when he was being questioned by the cops and the look of fear that he showed as he rambled about maybe being a drug dealer, all while the police officer is trying to tell him to say no, he isn't. It was so silly, but it worked like a charm.

Billy got to be a bad ass with his constant stare downs and ready to fight mentality.

He even managed to play up his disability to sway the jury by talking about not fearing death, coughing loudly for all to hear and giving that innocent look as he slowly rolled through the court room.

Except, for whatever reason, Billy had this gansta attitude and language throughout a majority of the situation. And that too worked.

Even Rodney, who has pretty much one moment, was hilarious as he hit on Jim's girlfriend before throwing up his hands and shouting "What" when Jim got mad. This show definitely needs more Rodney.

Of course, the criminals were convicted and Peggy decided to stay with Jim. It must be love because despite all the things Jim does and how he acts like a complete asshole, she's still ready to nestle into bed with him.

The ending itself was certainly interesting, talking about owning a gun, something that has become a major topic of conversation. But it never felt like a particular political stance, rather just another one of Jim's musing on a subject that makes you chuckle instead.

Once again, another simple concept with a humorous outcome. If anything, Legit is proving that it's guilty of being the kind of quirky and funny show worth checking out.

Justice Review

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Legit Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Criminal: Are you trying to be funny?
Steve: No, I'm not. He's funny.
Jim: I'm really not that funny.

I'm trying on jeans now, you're holding my breakfast cereal. It's like I'm a bloody king.