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I'm not sure turning in a stand-up comedy routine about making fun of fat dumb ugly kids as proof that you'd be a positive influence is the right way to apply to be a youth mentor. And neither is adding that you have a severely disabled friend like "Stephen Hawking without the intelligence" to show you can care.

It's just not gonna work no matter how many hits you have on YouTube.

Then again, that's just how Jim Jefferies manages to portray his good intentions.

Jim & Steve Ponder New Information

It's funny, because even with Jim's often reprehensible demeanor, he somehow finds a way to come out victorious on his journey to becoming  legit.

And yet, Steve, the simple good guy of the group, ends up being the sad sap again. Sometimes pain plus pain equals Steve.

Even with all Steve's blunders and mishaps that are humorous for the audience, there's almost that secret wish that he might get his chance to shine and come out his own winner.

Frankly, it's no surprise that the show gave Steve one of the most boring sounding jobs about selling an online law library, but the episode made it so bland that even I couldn't imagine trying to stay awake through a speech like that.

This of course led Ramona's nephew, Clay, to find Jim's job as a comedian the far more interesting path to take including not finishing school, making money and doing drugs. And thus, Jim got his second chance to help the disenfranchised youth, complete with Ramona smacking him in the back of the head like she's an NCIS fan.

Except this wouldn't be Legit without everything going exactly NOT according to plan, with Steve learning about his wife sleeping with the neighbor Todd. We never got to see Todd, but we hear he's a really good guy.

Steve went ballistic in true Steve fashion by crashing Todd's car into shopping carts, and once again, Jim and Steve ended up being confronted by the police. And once again, Steve had to be told what to say in fixing the busted car.

I wonder if Steve will have more run-ins with the cops down the road?

Probably not the best mentoring experience, but Clay did learn not to run while black, wives sleeping around make you crazy and going to the beach to check out chicks is completely free.

In the end, we did learn a bit more about Clay and his mom being a schizophrenic homeless person.

Jim, of course, made fun of her, but also told an anecdote about making fun of his own enormous mother, straight from Jefferies' stand-up, to explain that getting angry at the world won't help. Instead, sometimes you gotta laugh at it.

It's a sweet moment for Jim, but like usual for the episodes of this series, it swang back into that twisted final moment. Clay stole Jim's joke about his mother and used it for his own causing the once proud Jim to become pissed and amusingly upset.

Billy was relegated to very few lines, but each short quip added to the humor of the hour in a way that avoided his character from becoming moving scenery. He's still bad ass Billy even if he isn't central to the episode's plot.

Not as funny as last week's, "Justice," but "Family" still held onto the heart and humor of what makes this show work.

Family Review

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